Love This Place – Assembly Coffee (on 28Dec2014)

cafe mocca

cafe mocca

son is back for 2 weeks winter break, & i am having more coffee breaks than i had for the whole year. 🙂

this time we had sunday brunch – roti prata at S.M.Aisha & teochew cold crab at di wei teochew restaurant at food canopy at botanical gardens. :-).

afterwards, we walked over to assembly coffee for a cuppa on 28.12.2014.


assembly coffee

flat white

flat white

lemon meringue

lemon meringue

assembly coffee is a nice cool place to chill. we had 2 flat whites, a cappuccino & a cafe mocha, plus a lemon meringue.

the young lady barista created a beautiful, delightful swan latte art on the cafe mocca. it looked so easy…

the coffee & milk micro-foam were smooth & nice flavour.

daughter ordered a lemon meringue. it was very nice. lemon was tangy not too sweet & combined well with the biscuit crust & cream. i think i can make this one. so definitely try it at home. ^^



cafe mocca

cafe mocca

i will put this on par with chye seng huat at tyrewhitt road & dutch colony at pasarbella @ grandstand turf club road, with the advantage that it served a really good lemon meringue. i will also try the waffle & the salted caramel nut cake? next time. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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