Nice Afternoon Cuppa @ aeiou on 28Apr2015

flat white

flat white

after a satisfying big prawn noodles at why eat har, a friend suggested going to a retro place for a cuppa on 28.4.2015.

i guess the 2 of us were diehard kopi guys, so we drove in 1 car to king george’s avenue to this place called aeiou.



aeiou didn’t sound very creative? don’t know. it could be that they are a group that is also into children education, edutainment etc.



inside was quite interesting, retro as my friend said.



& there was a vertical landscape wall, though it didn’t look particularly attractive.

flat white

flat white

flat white was good, smooth & fragrant-

probably about the same as carpenters & cook

also about same as assembly coffee w/o the standard of latte art (not a great differentiator for me)

my personal preference where coffee is concerned –

chye seng huat is better

dutch colony also better.

torn tyre mirror

torn tyre mirror

a torn tyre mirror? pretty cool idea.


always remember to love…smile..hug…

oriental antique house

oriental antique house

i supposed cool chic cafe place can be a good way to bring traffic to the antique house. don’t know. 🙂

we did not try the cakes, so my friend suggested we may go again with some friends for the yuzu cheese cake, salted caramel cake & lemon tart. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


3 thoughts on “Nice Afternoon Cuppa @ aeiou on 28Apr2015

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