Cycling at East Coast Park on 19Nov2014


our bikes

went cycling with wife at east coast park on 19.11.2014. 🙂

i bought my dahon mu n360 on 3.4.2014. it is a good bike & i quite enjoy riding it.

it was pouring in the morning the day before. fortunately it did not rain today. we started only at 9am, so it was a bit hot actually.

we took ECP exit 10A & parked at the first carpark nearest still road.

from there we cycled past east coast seafood centre, ski360degrees cable ski park, east coast lagoon food centre.

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& up to changi coast walk. we took some rest & water along the way & back, so the pace was rather slow. we cycled 22km in total time of 1hr 32mins.

this was a shorter ride than last time when we went all the way to changi village food centre (35km return) but quite disappointed with the makan there.

our bikes

our bikes

there were not so many people & bikers at this time, very smooth, peaceful & relaxing ride.

after cycling we proceeded to relish serangoon gardens to use up an expiring groupon. however, relish was closed for a private function so we went to serangoon gardens food centre & took the totally forgettable seng kee (胜记) bakchormee.

c.h.e.f andy

Zaanse Schans Windmill Country on 13Apr2014


when i think of netherland 2 things came to mind – tulips & windmills! maybe milkmaids?

zaanse schans is the beautiful windmill country. the train station at koog-zaandijk is just 4 stops 17minutes from amsterdam central, & then a 15mins walk to zaanse schans village.

the zaan region used to be 1 of western europe’s oldest industrial area and boasted some 600 active windmills & factories powered by wind in the heydays in 18th & 19th century. it was also the centre of shipbuilding in the 17th century during the dutch golden age.

now there are some 10 working windmills in zaanse schans. though the windmills were relocated here piece by piece, today zaanse schans is a living & working community, with clog- and cheese-making, shops, boutiques, stunning buildings & meadow landscape.

read more about zaanse schans here.

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we had planned to cycle at zaanse schans. there is what appears to be a good cycling guide and cycle routes/map. it indicated that one could rent a bicycle at zaandam station. i arrived amsterdam on a sunday & we took the train from amsterdam central to zaandam but was unable to locate the bike rental. we asked around in the station & some staff said the rental shop was closed on sunday, which was odd since it should really be catering to the tourist crowd so why closed on sunday?

anyhow we did not have much time as we had only 2 more days in amsterdam & we had purchased the holland pass & would be using the pass for keukenhoff gardens & the museums & canal cruise & also planning to cycle to waterland. so we decided to just take a bus from zaandam station to zaanse schans & skip the cycling.

1609770_10152322767454494_8276641769516014816_n 1598027_10152322767519494_7093951691410788578_o 1898821_10152322767774494_5077774461009761213_o 10153688_10152322768074494_2558381583607998812_n 10150593_10152322768149494_5093608505702936470_n 859839_10152322768229494_2869547218983391415_o 10006576_10152322768319494_5044593719053216010_n 1961009_10152322768359494_5967887956511746718_o

zaanse schans village was idyllic as described in the guides & the windmills along the river were magnificent. we had a very pleasant stroll & if we had more time & were able to locate the bike rentals it would be quite fun to cycle in the surrounding meadows.

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we wondered into a cheese shop & factory & the cheese were just fantastic. every cheese we tried were really nice & we bought 3 including a goat cheese. 🙂

we came by the train route (the bus we took from zaandam stopped at near the koog-zaandijk train station as the one that stopped nearer was a 1 hr wait). on the return trip, we took bus 391 which stopped right across the bridge on the other side of the river from the village. it was a 40mins ride back to amsterdam central.

though regrettably we did not get to cycle, it was still quite a wonderful day & we were also looking forward to dinner at beulings (& indeed we had the most wonderful dinner) which we had made prior reservations before the trip. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Average Hawker Food @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village on 6Apr2014

orh luah (oyster omelette) - S$4

orh luah (oyster omelette) – S$4

went with wife to marine parade/changi coast road to cycle my new bike this morning.

decided to makan at east coast lagoon food village. the place was closed for S$1.5m 3-month renovation in aug2013 & re-opened in nov2013. i hardly went there even before renovation so didn’t mind to try out the place.

the food stalls were spread over a sprawling area. it’s probably good for ambience & but kind of inconvenient for getting food and didn’t look like too many seats over a large area, not so efficient.

east coast seafood centre orh luah stall

east coast lagoon food village no.12 orh luah stall


orh luah (oyster omelette) – S$4

the orh luah at stall No12 was pretty good. i bought the S$4 portion & that was enough for 2 of us. i quite liked the egg & corn flour starchy part with egg. 🙂


roxy laksa S$4.50

the S$4.50 roxy “one & only” laksa was quite disappointing, does not even have hum (cockles)! i hardly take laksa these days anyway, nothing like the very shiok curry chicken noddles @ hong lim food centre.

it was the usual “katong” lemak laksa now selling everywhere including hollandv.  laksa w/o hum was like meaningless to me (that is of course just a personal preference). in any case it was no different from anywhere else & my favourite is still sungei road laksa which was lots better than this & cost only S$3 PLUS it has cockles & you can “kay hum” – add cockles. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy