Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 3Jun2021

deliver dinner to brother family this evening on 3.6.2021.^^


  1. 软骨芥菜煲
  2. 港蒸鲷鱼(红哥里)
  3. 肉片炒法国豆

P.S.for the mustard vegetables pot

  1. cut mustard vegetables in 1/2..cut each 1/2 into 3 portions w/o cutting through..put in boiling water for 1min then in cold water
  2. fry haebee & garlic cloves, shallots, red onions, leek 2 tbsp oil till fragrant add 1tbsp oyster sauce, 300ml chicken stock and 300ml water and 400g cleaned pork soft bones boiled reduced for 1hr
  3. add mustard vegetables & cooked for 5mins..taste the mustard vegetables & pork & soup..

c.h.e.f andy


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