Great Meta Bros Dinner @ Swatow Gardens on 12Mar2021

NCL organised 6pax metamorphosis bros birthday dinner for CCG at swatow @ serangoon gardens country club on 12.3.2021. ^^

swatow was suggested by taikor LCM & indeed good ambience for a quiet birthday dinner, spacious hall only handful of tables occupied.

NCL walked over to bengawan solo at serangoon gardens to buy a birthday cake.

food was ok competent.

a less run-of-the-mill more special dish was the deep-fried eggplant…looking at it before tasting i thought it was pork at first.

the scallops top shell asparagus dish was well done and tasty.

the braise platter of duck and belly pork was also good standard, better than expected..

fish maw soup was competent if pedestrian, not the standard of beng thin…

salted fish minced pork was ok.. I felt tasted a bit artificial in bite and too smooth but in a way similar to some zichar place…

the kailan with tipor (a dried flatfish) was good standard, well done…

a great dinner for metamorphosis bros, missing QTC…

after dinner we walked over to clubhouse and CCG bought drinks.

c.h.e.f andy


Swatow Garden @ Serangoon Garden Country Club


22 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557271


tel=+65 6343 1717

Opening Hours:


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