Recipe = Jumbo Prawns Alio Olio on 27Feb2021

made jumbo prawns alio olio this evening on 27.2.2021.^^

bought some jumbo prawns from Chinatown Wet Market several weeks before CNY. these were huge prawns about 8 prawns to a kg about 130g each. it was just S$20/kg so I bought 2kg.

alio olio is straight forward.

just brown garlic cloves in olive oil, added 1/2 a chilli padi. then add white wine and chicken stock & reduce. can also add prawn stock but I didn’t prepare this evening. 🙂

I made about 100g spaghetti just 1min before al dente…agaklogy lol!

add pasta to sauce, add butter, off fire and toss.

for jumbo prawns, I cut away the legs and sharp spear on the head, cleaned, cut shell & devein and cut the head shell in the middle…seasoned with sea salt, butter, black pepper in the devein flesh..then cook in open pan high then medium fire in a little olive oil in open pan maybe 4-5mins…make sure prawn is cooked..

then plate over the pasta and added sweet basil.


absolutely delicious! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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