Covid Circuit Breaker Home Dinner on 3May2020

ayam masak merah

ayam masak merah

sausage claypot rice

sausage claypot rice

made home dinner this evening on 3.5.2020.^^

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. ayam masak merah
  3. steamed egg with minced pork
  4. sambal lady fingers

during this covid circuit breaker period, i cooked one family dinner during my helper’s rest day and one dinner mid-week..took the opportunity to try out some dishes when i can…

ayam masak merah was the highlight this evening. it was my first time trying it, and i made my own chilli rempah.

it turned out to be really delicious and wife and children all liked it. this style (preparation) not really my preferred..

i like the indonesian nasi padang curries with coconut milk…anyhow this was good, very tasty dish..will put up the recipe shortly.

sausage claypot rice was very good as usual, very “pang” fragrant, tasty and perfect moist individual grain texture.

steamed egg was good, basically the economy rice stall kind.

lady fingers not so good, as i this time i had to buy ready packet ones & couldn’t get to pick the lady fingers so 1/3 or 1/2 were a bit stiffer, less ripe even though i knew that and cooked a little longer, but otherwise good sambal vegetables dish.

c.h.e.f andy

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