7pax RI Bros Lunch @ L’Rez by Nanyang Poly Culinary Students on 10Apr2019


LCM organised a 7pax RI bros lunch @ L’Rez by nanyang poly culinary students on 10.4.2019. ^^


food was good standard, service kind of disorganised.

student chefs

the young chefs enjoying themselves, a prerequisite for good food. ^^


S$15 3-course lunch menu

the S$15 3-course lunch menu with coffee quite ok.

there was a choic eof appetizer and main.

bettroot salmon

i had the beetroot salmon. quite ok standard with good presentation. could do with more ingredients lol!

seabass papilotte

and seabass papilotte as a main.

this should be en papilotte ie cooked in a parchment paper…usually it is served with the paper bag, here they seemed to have removed that, the server was either not hearing my question or unsure of the answer.

this dish competent i guess..could be better…

choc & orange torte

duck confit

NCL had the duck confit. i tasted the meat, quite flavourful.

there was dessert and coffee.

quite ok for S$15pax.

food was good enough standard better than food court/some cafeteria, not quite the standard of restaurants.

c.h.e.f andy


L’Rez @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Opening hours:




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