4pax RI Bros Lunch @ Ellenborough Market Cafe on 15Apr2019

4pax RI bros

went to QTC office for my regular visit. LKY and LKH joined us.

afterwards QTC bought 4pax RI bros lunch @ Ellenborough market cafe on 15.4.2019.

feed at raffles/amex lovedining still offering 50% off for up to 5pax on monday.

(now amex love dining offering very much diminished and not really worth the S$321 for the annual card fee c/w say eatigo, chope, burple)….

first time i was here after the renovation. basically price went up from S$38pax to S$52pax so at 50% off it was S$19pax now raised to S$26pax, food same-actually i think previously food better.


the appetizer section usual…salmon was good enuf, the other sushi stuff no standard i didn’t bother to try.

surprisingly the yabbies were quite sweet, i had 3 in total, and i think i had 2 or 3 top shell too.

kueh paitie

kueh paitie run of the mill, biryani was quite ok tasty.


no noodles..dumplings were ok.

cooked dishes

other cooked dishes – usually belly pork quite good, today the braised beef was better very tender. fish ok…others standard buffet stuff i didn’t bother try much.

nonya dessert & durian pengat

durian pengat

durian pengat still good, but like LKH said not the best, not something for 3 helpings type…


these days we can’t really eat much like before.

at S$26++pax buffet is passable and some items quite ok for me don’t need to eat much.. ambience is good. we bros had a great time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Ellenborough Market Café



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