4pax RI Bros Lunch @ Ellenborough Market Cafe on 15Apr2019

4pax RI bros

went to QTC office for my regular visit. LKY and LKH joined us.

afterwards QTC bought 4pax RI bros lunch @ Ellenborough market cafe on 15.4.2019.

feed at raffles/amex lovedining still offering 50% off for up to 5pax on monday.

(now amex love dining offering very much diminished and not really worth the S$321 for the annual card fee c/w say eatigo, chope, burple)….

first time i was here after the renovation. basically price went up from S$38pax to S$52pax so at 50% off it was S$19pax now raised to S$26pax, food same-actually i think previously food better.


the appetizer section usual…salmon was good enuf, the other sushi stuff no standard i didn’t bother to try.

surprisingly the yabbies were quite sweet, i had 3 in total, and i think i had 2 or 3 top shell too.

kueh paitie

kueh paitie run of the mill, biryani was quite ok tasty.


no noodles..dumplings were ok.

cooked dishes

other cooked dishes – usually belly pork quite good, today the braised beef was better very tender. fish ok…others standard buffet stuff i didn’t bother try much.

nonya dessert & durian pengat

durian pengat

durian pengat still good, but like LKH said not the best, not something for 3 helpings type…


these days we can’t really eat much like before.

at S$26++pax buffet is passable and some items quite ok for me don’t need to eat much.. ambience is good. we bros had a great time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Ellenborough Market Café


4pax OPS Bros Lunch @ Hua Ting Steamboat Claymore Connect on 9Apr2019

OPS 4 bros lunch @ hua ting steamboat

WT bought 4pax lunch @ hua ting steamboat claymore connect on 9.4.2019. ^^

– with OPS bros HC

there is OCBC 1 for 1 S$48pax = so S$24pax each. there is a S$3 charge for using the condiments. many good hotpot restaurants in hk, china do that. quite ok i thin..very good condiments.

black chicken soup and tomato soup

every 2pax can choose 2 soup base. we had black chicken soup and tomato soup.

both souo were very good. tomato soup like the haidilao type…black chicken soup very tasty…i even took some of the chicken.

S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce for hotpot

S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce for hotpot

as mentioned the S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce were very good.



the hotpot set good serving of quality ingredients. 1 large scallop each.

S$48pax 1 for 1 set

2 slices of beef, chicken, fish, tofu each and tanhoon.

tofu skin

and beancurd skin.

ice cream

complimentary ice cream. i didn’t take.

S$48pax 1 for 1 set

and meat balls and sotong balls, and also a fish paste tube good serving.

the food serving was quite enough and the soup base and condiments played an important part. we had a great meal.

basically getting haidilao standard at 1/2 or 2/3 the price.

i came back afterwards with wife for 2pax dinner. will bring my sis here. they server told us for odd numbers say 3pax we can order 1 for 1 S$48pax set and add ala carte orders. only problem for me no ocbc card so happy problem friend pay la…

c.h.e.f andy