12pax Home Zichar Dinner with In-law’s Family on 1May2019

白斩鸡 with chicken rice

daughter arranged for her in-laws, JH’s family, to come over for dinner this evening on 1.5.2019.

i made 11 dishes for 12pax dinner

  1. chicken rice & 白斩鸡
  2. braised trotters
  3. braised belly pork
  4. salted fish minced pork
  5. char siew
  6. tofu prawns
  7. nonya steamed golden snapper
  8. HK steamed halibut/flounder?
  9. wok fried lala
  10. nonya sauce fried baby spinach
  11. poached hk kailan with shitake (by aunty bes)

& wife made nice cheng tng dessert


chicken rice chilli

chicken rice, 白斩鸡 and chilli were excellent, quite a standard preparation for me.

braised trotters

braised trotters and belly pork (photo at bottom of page) quite perfect too, very tender, and gummy lots of collagen.

the belly pork(photo at bottom of page) i chilled for 2 hrs and cut and warmed up in the reheated sauce when serving.

char siew

char siew was ok tasty as usual texture not my best rendition.

salted fish minced pork

the salted fish minced pork dish very good this evening…wife liked it too.

tofu prawns (stock photo)

i did not take photo of tofu prawns so used a recent stock photo.

today’s tofu prawns ok not as good as my last, not as infused. i think using a deeper claypot better so tofu will be more infused.

nonya steamed golden snapper

nonya steamed golden snapper tangy sauce always good.

HK steamed halibut

J said halibut flesh tasted better, sauce wise the nonya sauce better.

wok fried manila clams – stock

wok fried manila clams also recent stock photo.

today slightly overcooked, not as good as the last.

orh lua – stock photo

similarly for orh lua. it was good but not as my best recently.

braised belly pork and pig skin

a great family time together!

c.h.e.f andy


Not So Great Lunch @ Kampai Izakaya on 29Apr2019

3pax lunch with sis bil

3pax lunch with sis and bil @ kampai izakaya hollandv on 29.4.2019.

came becos eatigo 50% discounts.

sashimi moriawase S$15 after eatigo 50% discounts

Sashimi moriwase passable not great.

bara chirashi don S$9 after eatigo 50%

barachirashi don not even worth the S$9 after 50% discounts.

wagyu beef don S$10 after eatigo 50% discounts

wagyu don beef thin quite tasty rice also quite tasty.

half grilled saba S$7 after eatigo 50% discounts

half grilled saba S$7 after eatigo 50% discounts

saba ok but too small serving better go shindo izakaya.

kama S$10 after eatigo 50% discounts

likewise kama not ex at S$10 after 50% not great also…

S$60 nett for 3pax

lunch S$60 nett for 3pax not ex for the food but much meaning also…

sashimi moriawase S$15 after eatigo 50% discounts

sorry won’t come back!

c.h.e.f andy


Scrumptious Home Zichar 7pax Family Dinner on 26Apr2019

wine chicken with cloud fungus and mushroom

made 7pax family zichar dinner, 9 dishes this evening on 26.4.2019.^^

1 wine chicken with shitake and cloud fungus
2 tofu prawns
3 salted egg prawns
4 grilled pork belly
5 garlic steamed sotong
6 hk steamed aerolated garoupa
7 wokfried lala with thai basil
8 nonya sauce spinach
9 orh luar

wine chicken very tasty with intense chicken stock, shitake and cloud fungus nicely infused and chicken was very tender, not old like at most zichar or restaurants outside.

tofu prawns

tofu prawns a beauty this evening.

very tasty stock, nicely fried tofu, nicely garnished with egg and spring onions and prawns were perfect texture.

salted egg prawns

salted egg prawns

my salted egg prawns passable but not really great la…

shallow fried prawns were fried golden brown but not that crispy after like 2 hrs before cooking when everyone arrived. salted egg flavour not bad, prawn taste ok too, texture not sure how to improve unless i deepfry.

grilled belly pork

i was trying to reproduce the 咸猪肉we had in taiwan, surprisingly our recent trip to taipei and hualien the 热炒, taiwans’ equivalent of our zichar was very good, and 咸猪肉 was a great dish.

i got the inside tender texture…did not reproduce the outside crispy texture, managed to look more like char siew…marinade was different, no honey and char siew sauce so kind of differnt from char siew but the same…lol!

garlic steamed sotong

garlic steamed sotong was ok.

wife found it too garlicky, guess i have to cook the garlic a bit in the sauce first but then it would lost the nice white look…got to experiment that a bit.

E liked the garlic sauce, which was like any steamed razor clam sacue and perfect with plain rice.

hk steamed garoupa

HK steam always flavourful from the good light soy sauce but then this aerolated garoupa is a cheap fish like S$3 so flesh not much taste.

have to do red garoupa or halibut.

wok fried manila clams

wok fried manila clams was perfect dish today, right texture, and i added thai basil like in taiwan super nice flavour and taste.

nonya sauce kang kong

daughter liked the kang kong becos of the gimson nonya sauce, real nice tangy taste.

orh lua

and today’s orh lua perfect too.

picky daughter loved it a lot!

such a wonderful family dinner with the children, JH and aunty bes. son and his gf not available this evening though.


and the process of getting there…..

wine chicken with cloud fungus and mushroom

wine chicken is straight forward.

marinate, fried with ginger, chopped garlic, add chicken stock, cloud fungus, shitake and cooked 5-6mins, so chicken is tender and sweet. reserve in claypot, an heat when serving.

shallow fried prawns for slated egg prawns

shallow fried prawns for slated egg prawns

i shallow fried the prawns in like 1 cm of very hot oil.

dip in egg yoke then flour, and fried 1 min each side to golden brown…

salted egg prawns

quite crispy when just made…but with 9 dishes, these had to be done 2 hrs before and  not so crispy when cooked with salted egg yoke and curry leaves…

grilled belly pork

i boiled the belly pork for 2hrs till very tender, kept in chiller for 2hrs, sliced into 2 thinner pieces and marinated with mustard, seasalt, black pepper and red fermented bean curd overnight in fridge, then grilled in oven for 16mins, like making char siew.

it was a nice tasty belly pork, just not the taiwanese 咸猪肉 i was trying to reproduce…

next time i will shallow fry it.

fried ttofu for tofu prawns

fried ttofu for tofu prawns

my usual preparation. cut two 300g tofu each into 6 pieces, total 12 pieces, fried all side.

then fried ginger, garlic, chopped onions, added chicken stock and 1 tbsp oyster sauce, taste.

then added 1tbsp cor flour to thicken, and add 1 egg, let it formed, then draw out with chopstick.

off fire, add tofu and reserve in claypot & let it infuse.

tofu prawns

tofu prawns

when serving add prawns, cover for 2-3mins. add cut scallions.

hk steamed garoupa

HK steam straightforward, just add 2 tbsp each of olive oil, light soy sauce and mirin, and garnish.

steam for 10mins.

garlic steamed sotong

same with garlic steamed sotong…just add chopped garlic..

steam for 3mins.

manila clams

bought like 800g manila clams.

wok fried manila clams

wok fried manila clams

fried with sliced ginger, chopped garlic, cut chilli, 8 stalks of thai basil. really nice this.

orh lua

orh lua

2 tbsp flat potato flour, 4 tbsp water, 1tsp fish sauce, and white pepper.

fry over very hot pan with oil, spread out, crack one egg and spread over. let the flour and egg form nicely, add oyster on one side, cover and cook. then add crispy haebeehiam chilli, to taste and serve.

c.h.e.f andy