12pax Home Zichar Dinner with In-law’s Family on 1May2019

白斩鸡 with chicken rice

daughter arranged for her in-laws, JH’s family, to come over for dinner this evening on 1.5.2019.

i made 11 dishes for 12pax dinner

  1. chicken rice & 白斩鸡
  2. braised trotters
  3. braised belly pork
  4. salted fish minced pork
  5. char siew
  6. tofu prawns
  7. nonya steamed golden snapper
  8. HK steamed halibut/flounder?
  9. wok fried lala
  10. nonya sauce fried baby spinach
  11. poached hk kailan with shitake (by aunty bes)

& wife made nice cheng tng dessert


chicken rice chilli

chicken rice, 白斩鸡 and chilli were excellent, quite a standard preparation for me.

braised trotters

braised trotters and belly pork (photo at bottom of page) quite perfect too, very tender, and gummy lots of collagen.

the belly pork(photo at bottom of page) i chilled for 2 hrs and cut and warmed up in the reheated sauce when serving.

char siew

char siew was ok tasty as usual texture not my best rendition.

salted fish minced pork

the salted fish minced pork dish very good this evening…wife liked it too.

tofu prawns (stock photo)

i did not take photo of tofu prawns so used a recent stock photo.

today’s tofu prawns ok not as good as my last, not as infused. i think using a deeper claypot better so tofu will be more infused.

nonya steamed golden snapper

nonya steamed golden snapper tangy sauce always good.

HK steamed halibut

J said halibut flesh tasted better, sauce wise the nonya sauce better.

wok fried manila clams – stock

wok fried manila clams also recent stock photo.

today slightly overcooked, not as good as the last.

orh lua – stock photo

similarly for orh lua. it was good but not as my best recently.

braised belly pork and pig skin

a great family time together!

c.h.e.f andy


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