Nice 2pax Lunch Set @ Dianxiaoer Tampines on 2May2019

S$32.80 2pax lunch set

nice lunch with meimei @ dian xiao er tampines on 2.5.2019. ^^

dian xiao er 2pax S$32.80 set lunch

S$32.80 2pax lunch set quite ok..


best dish is the duck.. we chose 十全10herbs flavour…taste similar to yawang 鸭皇in JB but yawang still better.

chawan mushi

a chawan mushi and pickle complimentary to share

and can order 2 other dishes…


we had a luffa – good..

crispy mushrooms 

& some crispy mushroom dish.. good too…

S$32.80 2pax lunch set

had a great lunch chat and catch-up with meimei. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Dian Xiao ER @ Tampines

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