7pax Dinner with Bro and Sis @ Mahota Commune on 24Apr2019

7pax family dinner + 2 babies 

brother and sil bought 7pax dinner @ mahota commune

after that bought some stuff from the supermart and went to jingrui’s condo for some tea


prices ok, but then the serving portions are very small.

chai poh egg 

taste is very average, pedestrian.

steamed pork ribs rice 

the steamed pork ribs rice was good, doable.


the 罗汉斋 vegetarian dish ok.


spinach doable.


青龙菜  ok too.

vegetarian steamboat 

vegetarian steamboat in think S$18. soup was sweet and tasty.


lala really small portion and taste average so so.


my niece’s second boy. 🙂

nothing much to comment about this place. i think my broth paid S$90 or S$100 include some tea & drinks for 7pax…not sure it was cheap cos food servings were small…not expensive either…

not a place i will come back.

c.h.e.f andy



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