Delicious 9pax Homecooked Dinner for Brother and Sister Families on 26Nov2018


had a fun 9+1pax dinner this evening with my brother & sister families, and some vegetarian dishes for JR🙂

dinner dishes

i made 10 dishes –


1 腊味饭 sausage claypot rice
2 醉鸡 drunken chicken
3 口水鸡 saliva chicken
4 元蹄 teochew braised hock + trotters
5 冻乌鱼 chilled mullet
6 和风wafu pasta for 净蕊
7 和风wafu eggplants for 净蕊
8 fried tofu & leeks
9 salted egg bittergourd
10 fried long beans

made sausage claypot rice 腊味饭. just fried cut ginger & chicken fat in claypot. then off fire & added salted fish & chopped garlic. added 3 cups rice and fried. added sliced chinese thick mushrooms. then added 3 cups chicken stock (not adding chicken so needed chicken stock for taste) and soaked. added 2 pork sausage and 3 pork liver and duck liver sausages.

when serving started high fire to boil, then lower fire for rice to cook about 30-35mins. 🙂

bought 1.1kg kampung chicken from sheng shiong to make drunken (醉鸡) chicken and saliva chicken(口水鸡).

白斩鸡poached chicken method. salted chicken overnight. cooked 9mins & poached 20mins in chicken stock (carrots, red onions, spring onions. ginger, garlic cloves). immersed in ice water & placed in fridge. then deboned & placed in 2 dishes.

for drunken (醉鸡) chicken, added 1/2 cup chicken stock, 1/2 cup huatioajiu, 2tbsp fish sauce & 1tbsp sugar. mixed thoroughly then cover immerse the 1/2 chicken.

for saliva chicken(口水鸡), added 2tbsp 老干妈mala chilli oil, 1tbsp – 1.5tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp sugar. mixed thoroughly and drizzled over 1/2 chicken.

sealed with dish cover or cellophane and stored in the chiller compartment or fridge. take out  from fridge 1/2hr before serving.

they all loved the 2 chicken dishes. 🙂

brother likes pig trotters. sil understandably restricts the intake but seems that after retirement he is eating pig trotters every week. lol!

teochew braised trotters

my teochew braised trotters also very tasty, & gelatinous – flavour & texture are the key la! 🙂

i bought a whole front leg comprising the hock (upper) and trotters (lower leg) from sheng shiong just S$9.90.

braised them together, 元蹄 (the whole hock) and the chopped up trotters.

my own recipe…

of course the whole horde of aromatics. fried star anise, cinamon bark, cloves, bay leaves till smell the aroma. added hock and trotters and fried. added garlic cloves, red onions, spring onions, ginger. then added braising sauce =  3-4tbsp light soy sauce, 2tsp dark soy sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, 2-3tbsp huatiojiu..

the keys to a good trotters – flavour (braising sauce and infusion), and gelatinous texture which also makes it tasty.

so braising should be done with littel braising sauce for 1st 1/2hr. covered & turned several times…then added more water & braised for 2.5hrs in total.

the teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼 was easy to prepare. just steamed & chilled.

the 2 fishes were >1kg, so i steamed for about 15mins this time, usually about 9mins.

didn’t take photo but fish was good, like teochew muay stalls outside.

fried tofu with leeks

my niece JR is vegetarian, so i made all the other dishes were vegetarian. i only used vegetarian (oyster) sauce.

she brought her 2 boys. the elder S is coming to 3 years. he is also vegetarian currently.

fried tofu with leeks

fried tofu with leeks

tofu just fried with little oil & drizzle sea salt. then freid the leek, added vegetarian sauce and cornflour. added tofu to infused the sauce flavours.

when serving boiled the sauce, added 1 egg, let it formed & drew with chopsticks.

dinner dishes

i made wafu (和风)pasta specially for JR.

simple dish to. just browned 1 whole bulb of garlic cloves in olive oil, added sliced sweet basil, shitake & shimeji mushrooms, caramelised them, added white wine, 2tbsp tsuyu, 2 tbsp mirin, then reduced and set aside. pasta sauce ready.

when serving, prepare 200g spaghetti before al dente, boiled the sauce, off fire & tossed the pasta, added 15g butter, mized thoroughly, then plated and garnished with sweet basil leaves.

for this wafu preparation, if not vegetarian, can add chopped bacon bits or sliced bacon, very nice too1

pasta was very tasty, but for myself, could never c/w a non vegetarian pasta. 🙂

wafu (和风)eggplant

i made the wafu (和风)eggplant also for JR. same mirin, tsuyu preparation like a teriyaki..

it was ok i think but didn’t stand out.

my usual salted egg bittergourd.

slight mala long beans

long beans were very nice this evening. i just added 1 tsp 老干妈mala sauce. simple dish yet very tasty. 🙂

we had a wonderful family dinner. sil and brother’s 2 chlldren, WS and WC all liked the food. wife said we should do this more often. indeed so. food is just food. family spending time and spending the evening together is what makes it memorable.

c.h.e.f andy

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