Celebrating Son’s Birthday @ Halia on 8Nov2018

celebrating son’s birthday

wife messaged that son didn’t mind a late dinner and wanted to have his birthday dinner @ halia this evening on 8.11.2018. ^^

so i booked 4pax at halia at 8.30pm and went online to book the chope 50% off-peak vouchers. 🙂

so had another birthday celebrations for son, and also wife this evening at halia….excellent food & great deal too 👍

celebrating sons birthday

son drove and 4 of us – wife, me, son & PT had another nice evening together. 🙂

6 oysters S$26

i ordered the oysters. they were fresh and sweet like the last time.

appertiser dishes

blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio S$18

the blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio was good with natural sweetness, but son thought it was too strong with ginger taste. it was ok for me.

foie gras S$26

PT liked foie gras. son ordered the dish which he liked too.

chilli crab pasta S$26

i was pleasantly surprised that the chilli crab pasta was good this evening. the recent time i came, pasta was NOT al dente & the chilli crab sauce was not great.

this time it seemed different. son again felt the ginger was too strong…in the chilli sauce, this eas quite evident though for myslef i liked the ginger taste.

chilli crab pasta is a dish i did several years back when i started cooking. maybe i will try this again la for our next family dinner. 🙂

panfried barramundi2 S$25

panfried barramundi2 S$25

son took the en papilotte halibut last time when he came here with PT. so he decided to try pan seared barramundi this time.

panfried barramundi2 S$25

the panfried barramundi had crispy skin and was a good fresh fish dish.

the mushroom veloute was quite excellent and enhanced the flavour of the fish dish.

actually it is not difficult to do panfried fish this way, only need some thoughts on what sauce to prepare to go with the fish.

i will make this for our next family dinner, similar to my panroasted snapper (above photo).

panfried sunchikes and mixed mushrooms S$6 each

i ordered the mixed mushrooms with butter and the panfried sunchokes. son, PT, everyone liked it.

rack of lamb medium rare S$40

the last time we ordered lamb rack it came rare instead of medium rare, and it was a bit raw & tough.

rack of lamb medium rare S$40

this time though, the pink was perfect!

i remembered when i first had dinner at halia like 15+yrs ago, i though that the lamb here was the best i ever had. and today it was still good! very good in fact!

i do a great herb crusted lamb myself. will do that for the next family dinner..

sticky date pudding2 S$10

sticky date pudding S$10

son is an ice cream person and PT a dessert person. and PT doesn’t like yuzu. we didn’t find the (die die must eat) chocolate great at all, so could only narrowed down to sticky date pudding.

the restaurant remembered to sing birthday song. 3 servers came in a team to serve the sticky date pudding with the birthday decor.

bill S$299

blackmore wagyu spare rib S$48

the best dish had to be blackmore wagyu spare rib.

so perfect! the slow braise convert collagen to very tasty gelatine, so umami!

including oysters, foie gras, fish, pasta, lamb, beef spare ribs 1 rambutan star anise drink and 3 flat whites etc bill came to S$299..

i used S$300 chope vouchers so only cost S$132 for a sumptuous, delicious 4pax dinner..^^

a word about the service at halia. the entire team service was impeccable, friendly, efficient, going the extra mile.

my first time here 8pax dinner, both ha and nguyen, 2 vietnamese servers were fantastic. this time the whole team, myanmese, filipino etc all excellent.

c.h.e.f andy


Halia @ Botanical Gardens


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