OK Local and Indonesian Food @ Kopitaim Swissotel on 20Aug2018

OPS bros 3pax dinner @ kopitiam swissotel

went with my OPS bros, WT & HC for 3pax dinner at kopitiam on 20.8.2018. ^^

WM was unable to join us last minute.

OPS bros 3pax dinner @ kopitiam swissotel 

feed at raffles has monday discounts at most outlets including kopitiam for 50% discounts up to 5pax. so this first time i come to kopitiam i think >20yrs liao. 🙂

fish head curry S$38

the fish head curry at S$19 after 50% discounts included 3 white was a pretty good deal.

fish head curry was very good standard with fresh fish, lots of vegetables & curry.

may not stand out like what we had at chuen chuen on 15.8.2018 , but otherwise it was very good standard. 🙂

beef rendang S$22 & minced pork tofu S$18

i ordered beef rendang & minced pork tofu. 🙂

beef rendang S$22

beef rendang also good standard, though i have taken better more tasty rendang.

at S$11 after 50% discounts, it was a huge serving, like twice the serving in some nasi padang restaurants.

i think it was good, & i wouldn’t mind ordering thsi again but i probably try other dishes next time.

minced pork tofu S$18

minced pork tofu was good too.

tofu was crisp, minced prok & sauce were good. did not quite match the fish head curry dish, but an ok zi char dish with other orders.

next time i may try the prawn paste chicken.

the rule is 3 main courses so if i had ordered tauhu telor(which is consider 1/2 mina course, then i need to order another dish to meet the 3 main course requirements…lol!

chendol S$8

we ordered 3 chendol.

coconut milk was thick & good, but the gula melaka did not agree with me…sweet & not “pang” fragrant..WT liked it though..i wouldn’t take this again…

3 dinner dishes

dinner for 3pax include chendol came to S$60 nett.

overall pretty good stuff

though not as satisfying as our recent chuen chuen dinner 5pax for S$64, but of course our 5 dessert that day at honeymoon dessert would be like S$45! didn’t really make sense. lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Kopitiam @ Swissotel


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