Good Kambing Soup @ Bahrakath Mutton Soup at Adam Road Food Centre on 5Jan2017

$6 kambing soup - ribs

$6 kambing soup – ribs 

went to adam road food centre to take char kuay teow but stall was closed.

so took kabing soup instead at bahrakath mutton soup on 5.1.2017. ^^

bahrakath mutton soup

bahrakath mutton soup 

the dishes & prices now clearly displayed. the mutton leg with tulang most popular. the tripe looked good too. anyhow i opted for the ribs, which i like also.

$6 kambing soup - ribs

$6 kambing soup – ribs 

S$6?S$10 for ribs, which i guess also around the prices for chinese mutton soup.

i ordered S$6. there’s about 10 pieces.

i think the ribs really good, very tender, excellent texture.

$6 kambing soup - ribs

$6 kambing soup – ribs  

the soup, at its best, is very good too.

but never quite comparable to good chinese herbal mutton soup like at chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤 at bukit merah view food centre.

this evening, soup not as intense as what i had before. still good but not near the best.

c.h.e.f andy


Bahrakath Mutton Soup King



Opening Hours:

Daily: 13:00 – 03:00



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