Good Tapas Set Lunch @ FOC Pimpam on 21Aug2018

anchovies on toast

went with my RI friend CP to foc pimpam for 2pax lunch today on 21.8.2018.

don’t meet this friend often.

the last time he bought me a very nice tapas set lunch at la ventana on 14.1.2017. :-)

foc pimpam set lunch menu

the set lunch menu quite ok.

but absence of good main i would place FOC singtel S$38 set lunch menu superior to this.

we ordered one S$25 & one S$35 set, so we had 3 tapas as starters plus one dessert.


there is a complimentary gazpacho, can be said amuse bouche.

CP doesn’t take, so i had double helping.

quite standard gazpacho, the tomato flavours not standout enough like a good tomato soup.

chorizo on toast

the chorizo on toast was excellent. toast very crispy, chorizo was great, overall experience very good.

i did not try the anchovies, but can expect it was just as good. 🙂

potato with egg & chorizo

the potato with egg & chorizo was excellent too. CP avoids egg so i took this myself. 🙂

potato with egg & chorizo

very tasty dish. everything quite perfect.

squid ink paella

squid ink paella

squid ink paella was good standard, but not the very flavourful squid ink risotto in a good italian restaurant or i guess the paella at FOC.

& no comparison at all with the lamb paella i had recently at FOC on 17.7.2018.

vegetarian paella

CP took the vegetarian paella.

i did not try it, but it would be just as good la. 🙂

chorizo with caramel sauce

we shared the dessert chorizo with caramel sauce, somehow didn’t feel it was very good, not the right level of satisfaction. 🙂

foc pimpam

vegetarian & squidink paella

it was an enjoyable lunch.

we didn’t meet often so had great conversation & exchanges, a great time together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Pimpam by FOC


442 Orchard Road #01-29, Singapore 238879

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