Delicious Tapas 4pax Dinner with WM and J @ FOC on 22Aug2018

iberico pork rib

went with wife & my OPS bro WM & wife J to foc for 4pax tapas dinner on 22.8.2018. ^^

been here several times lately, so just a quick record for memory will do. 🙂

i ordered 5 tapas, a fiduea (becos it is more unusual) and a main iberico pork rib which is my favourite here.

WM & J going to london & spain next week for 3 weeks so they will be having more tapas shortly. 🙂

mushroom croquette (later we ordered ham croquette)

J liked the croquette, very crispy outside & very tasty inside so i added a ham croquette.

each serving 4 pieces so nicely 1 each.

galicean octopus

galicean octopus as usual very tender.

eel & belly pork with egg york & mash 

eel & belly pork with egg york & mash a delectable dish. the egg york added a silky touch to the crispy pork belly & eel & the mash was very smooth & flavourf.


cauliflower very tasty. all the dishes were tasty la…

iberico pork rib 

& my favourite iberico pork rib. very tender & flavourful.

suckling pig fiduea

suckling pig fiduea

& the fiduea.

a very tasty dish…but again, our canned pork trotters beehoon equally tasty dish, very easy to make, maybe tastier even haha! and at fraction of this price. lol! ^^

there was pulled pork (shredded pork) in the fiduea added to the taste, no crackling skin so suckling pig just meant having pulled pork in this case.

4pax dinner was like S$212 including a S$24 “50:50 whisky drink”. an enjoyable dinner, wonderful time together & a great evening with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy


40 Hongkong Street, 059679


+65 61004040

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thu: 12:00 – 02:00

Mon – Thu: 18:00 – 22:00

Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 02:00

Fri – Sat: 18:00 – 22:30

Closed: Sun


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