Superb Value 1 for 1 9-course Wagyu Dinner S$68.80 @ Maru on 13Aug2018

#1 beef carpaccio – this excellent!

had a superb value 1 for 1 9-course wagyu dinner with my OPS bro WT on 13.8.2018. ^^

beef carpaccio was excellent with the truffle ponzu sauce, tasted better than many western retuarants.

1 for 1 9-course wagyu dinner S$68.80

the 1 for 1 9-course wagyu dinner S$68.80 menu.

2pax dinner with WT

they really give you quality stuff here. 🙂

& the serving size was substantial not meagre.


but “bo business leh”!

F&B in singapore very “pai ton”, restaurant quite empty at 7.30pm on a monday evening.

#2 beef salad on toast

the toast came with tasty beef, peppers & pine nuts…very nice bruschetta really. 🙂

#3 foie gras tofu

foie gras tofu very crispy. it’s quite nice maybe non descript among the other tasty dishes…

#4 ikura onsen egg

#5 ikura onsen egg

ikura onsen egg was nice texture & experience, needed a bit of the ponzu sauce from #1 dish to bring out the flavours. 🙂

#6 shabu shabu salad

#6 shabu shabu salad

the shabu shabu salad very nice too, & good amount of shabu beef. dressing quit esimilar to the ponzu sauce.

wagyu beef steak

wagyu beef steak

the wagyu beef steak was unexpected as it was not on the menu…not sure if this was served regularly or some changes this evening…

a huge difference bamboo skin & a good 200g serving of wagyu beef steak served on a banana leaf, similar preparation to a oba steak.

this was excellent too, medium rare, tender & sweet, on a enoki mushroom bed & with some shitake mushrooms & leek.

wagyu sushi

wagyu sushi

wagyu sushi also very good, though i have taken better ones at hachi but those were ohmi A5, these were what restaurant said australian equivalent to A2/A3.

got such thing meh? they couldn’t tell me what MBS marbling score for the australian wagyu…

yakiniku don

the yakiniku don came with a tiny bowl but a massive serving of yakiniku wagyu. it’s like a full bowl serving.

yuzu ice cream

yuzu ice cream always nice la…

yakiniku don

the entire dinner all wagyu beef, which they said are australia wagyu equivalent to Jap A2/A3 wagyu.

whatever, every dish was very nice, from carpaccio to steak to yakiniku don. i think a really fantastic value omakase dinner.

i had the other 1 for 1 omakase set with wife the other day at S$78 & it came with free 250ml sake.

when i asked server she checked & pointed to menu the sake was S$34. so i guess coming with wife we would go for the free sake. for myself, i think this wagyu omakase is even better.

c.h.e.f andy


Maru Dine & Bar  丸 



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