OK S$40++pax Robatayaki Lunch @ Mikuni on 14Aug2018

miyazaki wagyu & kurobuta skewers

went with GCM for 2pax robatayaki lunch at mikuni today on 14.8.2018. ^^

have been been to mikuni for the longest time since i refused to renw amex lovedining when they started charging S$321 annual fee.

recently wife got the card. so i got the supplementary card la…

robatayaki menu S$80 

little has changed at mikuni except prices had gone up.

the robatayaki/teppanyaki set lunch used to be S$68, now it is S$80!

for ala carte i saw lobster is now S$68. was S$48! mikuni maki gone up to S$32. i think it was S$28. etc…

& now they charged S$3 for water? how ridiculous is that…seriously? i asked waiter who was very polite & good service, he said the lovedining 50% discounts apply. ok la pay S$1.50 for tap water won’t die, so i agreed.

when the bill came it was S$3 no discount! I apointed out to the server, and restaurant was good enuf to do service recovery, so we still got the water but no charge.

anyway i think charging S$3 for tap water no discount is wrong policy in the first place, but they have prerogative what they want to do…consumers just vote by their feet or don’t order, that’s all, very fair wad! lol! 🙂

my friend wanted robatayaki so we ordered 2 sets.

3 kinds of sashimi

we started with the crackers.

& then sashimi..the salmon, hotate & kampachi were all good, very fresh & sweet.

robatayaki set 

the robatayaki set came with miso soup & garlic fried rice.

miyazaki wagyu & kurobuta skewers

the miyazaki wagyu & kurobuta skewers were good!

the scallops on the shell was pretty good & tasty. the corn was nice. a pretty good set, not a big serving.

miyazaki wagyu 

bets was the miyazaki wagyu, marbled, tender, tasty.

the kurobuta skewer was ok, but minced meat skewers can only be that la…

garlic fried rice

garlic fried rice doable, carbs not for me..

yuzu ice cream

yuzu ice cream good.

miyazaki wagyu & kurobuta skewers

overall S$40++ (after 50% discount) lunch set, good quality food very small serving, i guess so-so la…nothing wow!

not much excitement for me to come back like in the past!

c.h.e.f andy


Mikuni @ Fairmont Level 3


80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel 3/L, Raffles City, Singapore 189560


6431 6156

Opening Hours:

Mon-Saturday: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (closed sunday)

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