Lovely Walk at BTNR & 3pax Home Dinner on 12Aug2018

1hr walk @ bukit timah natural reserve (BTNR) 

wife arranged with her good friends J & H to go btnr.

.they couldn’t make it in the end so 2 of us went ourselves around 4pm..

this tie we walked in all 3.9km 1 hr 11mins. 🙂

start @ BTNR 

4pm on a sunday. we found parking at hindhede walk, not mych problem.

the route was mostly shaded so no problem but ambient temp was still high & humid & oppressive, but ok we manage that all the time.

dairy farm loop @ BTNR 

we walked BTNR summit often.

it is just 25mins up & 20mins down, so 45-50mins.

this time we decided to try a short portion of dairy farm route which takes  total1.5hrs (didn’t have time as had to go home to cook dinner)..

going down rengas path @ BTNR

we took part of the rengas path steps down.

rengas path & jungle path @ BTNR 

then returned from jungle path steps which were tougher..we could not finished in one go..

it was only 5.20pm when we returned to the visitors centre.

sicc bukit ice kachang 

new service buzzle

we decided to go sicc bukit for high glycemic ice kachang not that we needed sugar boost just greedy.

today ice kachang was poor. not enough gula melaka. sicc ice kachang had always been good. if this standard then koufu at tanglin halt commonwealth MRT better la.

service also not good. hardly 3 tables, no service, don’t refill water. i was going to place 1*, wife pressed 3*. we asked the server casually about the new service buzzle when closing bill. she said if 1*, it’s like a complaint, manager has to come down to speak to the staff. maybe that would do them some good. 🙂

nonya steamed ang kueh (red snapper) head

then went home cooked 3 dishes &  daughter came to join dinner –

  1. nonya steamed ang kueh (red snapper) head
  2. claypot wine chicken with taupok
  3. fried prawns with yellow chives

all very nice, quite perfect!

put back all the calories too!

reached home 6.10pm. told daughter 7.30pm dinner.

not much to do anyway, so quite ok.

ang kueh (red snapper) fish head 1mins to steam, just minimal preparations.

wine chicken with taupok

wine chicken with taupok took 30mins, but mostly to cook the taupok so it was soft & infused the stock taste.

chicken i had deboned & marinated earlier (1tbsp fish sauce, 1tbsp sesame oil, 1tbsp cor flour, 1tbsp oyster sauce, 2tbsp hua tio wine). just fried high fire with cut ginger, chilli padi, minced garlic, then added chicken stock, covered claypot medium fire about 8mins.

removed chicken & just cooked taupok like 20mins & added back chicken when serving. always reduce & taste stock is flavourful, intense, not dilute.

yellow chives with large prawns

fried yellow chives first, with cut chilli padi, minced garlic.

then added large prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper), and fried till cook. do not overcook.

quite a perfect dish.

an active & fun sunday with wife & family.

c.h.e.f andy


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