Very Shiok! Ichiran Ramen + Bakuteh Home Dinner at WM Place on 1Aug2018

ichiran ramen

we had ichiran ramen + bakuteh 5pax dinner at WM place this evening on 1.8.2018.

my OPS bros HC & WM bought ichiran ramen packets when we were in kyoto/nara/osaka 5-13.4.2018.

we had a first round of ichiran ramen at HC new place on 8.6.2018.

WT was in shanghai then. this time, WT is back & also we got PK to join us for 5pax dinner. 🙂

6mins runny yoke eggs for ramen

6mins runny yoke eggs for ramen

i made the usual 6mins runny yoke egg. very good indeed!

i use the braise for braising the chashu & also the braised belly pork

(to replicate the excellent braised long soft bones experience at hanamaruken ramen (花丸轩) at dotonbori osaka).

ichiran ramen

ichiran ramen

beautiful, lovely ramen by ichiran! ^^

incredibly tasty tonkotsu broth, and ramen just al dente perfect texture..i made it 2.5mins.

we on low carbs, so shared 2 ichiran packets for 5pax.

the best bakuteh

i also did bakuteh.

i had a very good almost 900g prime ribs from sheng shiong last week, so this was a good occasion to have it. 🙂

just using the usual 30g pack of “ilc” bkt stock pack. all my friends use this, simple & really nice everytime.

the best bakuteh

i like prime ribs with layers of streaky fat.

heavenly sinful la! 🙂

the best bakuteh

i cooked it in the morning.

soup very sweet & tasty, natural sweetness of the pork.

& the pork tender & sweet, especially with the top grade chicken rice dark sauce with chilli padi.

the best bakuteh

placed ribs in boiled water, cleaned to remove scum. then added clean water, whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves, the ilc stock sachet, & the ribs, boiled for 1 hr.

after cool, i placed in carrier & kept in the fridge & transport to WM in the evening, after picking up WT.

chilled trotters

chilled trotters

i also did a chilled trotters.

this was to replicate the very nice crystalline trotters dimsum lunch at 苏小柳, basement of crystal galleria 晶品.

texture of my chilled trotters was good. the way to do this is to overcook the trotters a little (i had it in a 130degC over for 6-7hrs), with a good marinate that became very tasty with the gelatine from the trotters…

then i kept in chiller overnight, so the trotters were tender yet had a good bite. 🙂

but to replicate 苏小柳’s pig trotters, i will use hock instead the next time.

chicken rice dark sauce for bkt + white vinegar mala sugar & stock dip for trotters

i had some chicken rice dark sauce for bkt + white vinegar mala sugar & stock dip for trotters.

trotters were ok, i like it..not the favourite dish for my friends though.

romaine lettuce & spinach

romaine lettuce & spinach

i fried 2 vegetables – romaine lettuce & spinach.

taste was good. the spinach a bit “sek” though ie a bit old & tough stems…

ichiran ramen

dinner was fun with close bros.

especially the ramen & bkt. not too heavy & really nice food.

after dinner, we rested a while & went to fruit monkey for durian tasting, courtesy of UOB. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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