Durian Bonanza (Corporate Invitation) @ Fruit Monkeys on 1Aug2018

D24 i think

had corporate invitation for a durian tasting evening at fruit monkey on 1.8.2018. ^^

so after a shiok! ichiran ramen & bakuteh dinner at WM place

we came by to fruit monkey in rangoon road.

fruit monkey aircon area

fruit monkey has an airocn area.

there were like 25-30 other guests including ourselves. and some other individual customers.

D24 i think

we were told they chose fruit monkey because the durians were good & also they have aircon place…google review seem to be good..

we were served first D24 i think.

not yet MSW, but these durians were good, if they were D24. 🙂

there were 7 of us on the table. i think we were served 5-6 durians.


next came the long awaited MSW.

the MSW however were NOT good!

the first one we had was very good (above photo left side!).

there was one other durian pretty good. one or 2 more ok. and 2 others were literally not ripe. we didn’t eat!

the service recovery was NON EXISTENT!!!!!

the lady came to ask if durians were ok. we showed her the unripe MSW durians. she didn’t react at all, then she said she could bring us very good MSW (means she brought us not good MSW?). and one durian WT went to return, the guy said “can eat”, so WT told him “you eat lor”.

if it were Ah Seng at ghim moh, the unripe durians wouldn’t even be served, and anything below par Ah Seng will just replaced with more good ones, no question asked.

durians & rambutans

can’t understand these people, how they do business like that?

anyway it’s their prerogative how they want to run their business. customers will just vote by their feet.

perhaps they were good with usual individual buyers, don’t know how to handle big groups?


but there were at least 3 decent or better MSW =1 very good MSW, 1 good and one or two more MSW (except for the unripe ones) also quite ok edible.

after durians, we were served mangosteens & rambutans…on our table we were all quite full with the durians so we just took 1 or 2 to try…there were ok..the 2 mangosteens i had had the yellow patch part not edible..it does happen with mangosteens…

thanks to the invite, we OPS bros had a great time, a nice durian bonanza (cannot hiam really since we were invited), a nice home makan before that. a really pleasant evening to spend with very close friends & bros.

c.h.e.f andy

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