Claypot Liver, Salt Baked Chicken, Pigskin Jelly 4pax Dinner on 31Jul2018

6 dishes + jelly pigskin for 4pax dinner 

made 4pax dinner for sis & bil, and this evening on 31.7.2018. ^^

salt baked kampung chicken 盐焗鸡

I cooked my first experiment 盐焗鸡, claypot liver, jelly pigskin & 4 veg dishes

salt baked kampung chicken 盐焗鸡 (recipe here) was very good, tasty, moist & tender. 🙂


pigskin jelly

pigskin jelly (recipe here) was superb this evening, very flavourful, and perfect texture.

everyone finds the 3 dishes (claypot liver, pigskin jelly, salt baked kampung chicken 盐焗鸡) tops.

egg plants

eggplants so so..

long beans 

the lady fingers not quite edible=I bought this in packet from sheng shiong..there were no loose ones to choose..& the lady fingers were “sek” too old & tough..

salted egg bittergourd

the long beans & salted egg bittergourd were good…

for this evening, long beans were best…very sweet & tasty.simple dish.just fried with oyster sauce…

claypot liver 

the claypot liver was excellent as before. very good, tasty with hua diao wine 花雕酒flavours…

all in all a really enjoyable 4pax dinner.

after dinner, sis made gongfucha 功夫茶as always.

c.h.e.f andy

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