Ho JIak! Saba Don 烧鲭鱼丼 on 4Feb2018

roasted saba 烧鲭鱼

had some vinegared sushi rice leftover fro the 4pax OPS homecooked donburi dinner on 1.2.2108.

& some long unused cheap frozen saba in the freezer.

saba is fishy & oily fish so actually very flavourful…difficult to eat w/o rice.

i cleaned & washed the fish thoroughly with salt & pat dry with kitchen towels. i decided to roast it in the oven instead of pan-fry as it gave a dryer less oily (outside) texture, more like what you get in japan…so 10mins in 250degC oven.

roasted saba 烧鲭鱼

came out quite perfect actually.

saba was very “pang” flavourful becos of the oil & not fishy…would still be fishy for wife but for me very the ok…

saba don 烧鲭鱼丼

& of course quite perrrrfect with the vinegared sushi rice.

saba don 烧鲭鱼丼

a statisfying quick meal.

c,h,e,f andy


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