Kim Keat Hokkien Mee, Zhi Xiang Lor Mee & Lik Ming Laksa – 4 RI Bros Makan Venture on 27Jan2018

good S$6 kim keat hokkien mee

LKH visiting sis staying in the area, so 4 of us RI bros arranged to meet at toa payoh lor 4 food centre for makan on 27.1.2018. ^^

kim keat hokkien mee 

last time i came with my OPS bro WM, kim keat hokkien noodles was not opened yet (only open at 11am).

good S$6 kim keat hokkien mee

LKY went to queue up for hokkien noodles. 3 of us went to the food centre & ordered laksa & lor mee.

LKH went to the coffeeshop to buy kopi.

the S$6 hokkien noodles were good standard. very tasty, moist, noodles not overdone, chilli nice & spicy. very good hokkien mee.

Lik Ming S$4 laksa

we ordered S$3 laksa add S$1 cockles.

it was good laksa, nothing special..not the very lemak katong laksa type, but more traditional savoury type…

actually it was not savoury enough for me..i like the weiyi laksa type, maybe more haebee meat flavoured not just coconut flavour..

S$4 zhi xiang lor mee

also ordered the zhi xiang lor mee which i had with WM last time. 

we had $3 & 加料 S$1. it was pretty good…just that lor mee not really my favourite.

for me, kim keat hokkien noodles was the best today…

lor mee was good, competent lor mee; but i think soon heng at beo crescent & hai tang at mei ling food centre were better.

laksa good too but i am partial to weiyi laksa, and laksa is lower on my radar c/w ah heng curry chicken noodles at hong lim.

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Kim Keat Hokkien Mee


92 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, 310092

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 011:00-21:00


(2) Lik Ming Laksa


Blk 93 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-48, 310093, (Toa Payoh)

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 06:00-15:00
(3) Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee


#01-49 blk 93 toa payoh lorong 4 food centre


RI Friends Toptable S$13.80 3-Course Lunch on 26Jan2018

caesar salad with buttermilk poached chicken

CL organised 5pax toptable lunch on 26.1.2018. ^^

CL talked about toptable during the birthday dinner at heavenly divine on 5.1.2018, and the guys decided to have this lunch.

toptable S$13.80 3-course lunch menu

the menu for this week. 🙂

i not fond of chowder & don’t particularly like corn soup, so i went for the chicken salad.

it was quite well done. like i said previously, it is better than cafeteria standard here, almost good restaurant standard.

corn chowder

corn chowder

corn chowder looked great too & the friends who ordered liked it.

chicken & mushroom fricassee

i asked the student server if the chicken or fish main course was more popular. i preferred chicken but i was having chicken salad starter so i was considering if i should have fish instead.

he said salmon is salmon. the chicken fricassee is a bit different. actually it’s just white wine sauce reduced. i decided to give it a try anyway…

chicken & mushroom fricassee

& it was tasty and done well.

chicken was tender, not too large a helping, good enough.

chicken & mushroom fricassee

altogether an enjoyable dish, nicely presented & good taste.

all my friends decided to have the chicken fricassee.

white choc mousse, sour cherries & raspberry sorbet

the trio of dessert nothing special, but well done. a great dessert, that alone would cost >S$12 in a good restaurant.

coffee was included & 3 of us added $0.50 each for cappuccino & latte.

lunch was just S$70 for 5pax, best value for money 3-course lunch in singapore! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

Excellent Homecooked 7pax OPS 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 Dinner on 25Jan2018

7pax 鸦片鱼头dinner

we had 7pax home dinner this evening with OPS bros, LH, & J on 25.1.2018. wife also joined dinner. missing M& CH2.

My OPS bro WT returned from shanghai 2 weeks ago.  he brought back 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头(not available in singapore) & gave me 1 large 桂鱼& 2 鸦片鱼头.

i went with sis & bil to hong kong 14-18jan2018, so when i got back, i arranged for dinner at home to enjoy the 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 from shanghai.

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

I did first time 葱焖鸦片鱼头..this the best!!👍, recreating shanghai old jessie’s signature dish..i like this best!

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

there were a lot of food, so i cooked only 1 鸦片鱼头. the next day i did the same 葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head for my family 5pax dinner. wife, son & JH all loved it…it was just so good!

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

鸦片鱼头 has meat texture like flaky cod, and fish head bone texture like salmon head softbones. the scallions flavoured the fish & was itself very tasty with the best grade light soy sauce. the sauce marinade was similar to the usual hong kong steamed marinade, with 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil, squeezed some lime & baked at 250degC for 10mins.

baking gave a firmer, drier texture than steaming & more intense flavours with less liquid.

桂鱼 mandarin fish

also did first time a butterfly fan cut steamed 桂鱼.

& it was quite excellent..just that for me the 葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head  was even better!

excellent 桂鱼 mandarin fish dish

i usually do hong kong steam in one go, lazy to steam the fish separately.

for this 桂鱼 mandarin fish i was uncertain if it was very fishy so i decided to steam separately as i did for the cheap 鲈鱼 ( 桂鱼 mandarin fish of course a much better fish).

as i butterflied & fan cut already, so i just steamed for 8mins. it was a large fish maybe 800g+ so would have done about 11mins otherwise.

i steamed with ginger & some shaoxing wine, and some chopped scallions, then removed the fish & disposed of the liquids.

then i fried ginger & cut chilli padi, and leek in 2 tbsp olive oil & added 3 tbsp light soy sauce. & poured the sauce over the fish. then rearrange the sliced ginger & leek etc & added the scallions.

it was really an excellent dish..

claypot rice 沙煲饭

claypot rice 沙煲饭

did my usual claypot rice 沙煲饭 . always good this, very flavourful, with tender chicken, nice pork & live sausage from hong kong & wonderful smokey flavours with salted fish.

song fish head 松鱼头

song fish head 松鱼头

did also the usual spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头.

WM said it was overwhelmed by the 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头, and the dish would go better with plain rice. anyhow i think this evening the sauce was not as good as my usual.

lar pok – crispy lard

lar pok – crispy lard went especially well with the song fish head 松鱼头 . 🙂

braised pig trotters korean jogbal style

braised pig trotters korean jogbal style

i did the braised pig trotters korean jogbal style. also similar to the 酱猪蹄 at七宝 in shanghai or at 老街in 深圳.

LH said it was very tasty. the texture was meant to be crunchy. i liked it but i like my usual softer tender 元蹄texture more.

light soy sauce steamed minced pork

light soy sauce steamed minced pork was the usual & quite a favourite dish too. light soy sauce is truly a god send, does wonders for every dish…

romaine lettuce油麦菜

WT did the romaine lettuce油麦菜, very nice indeed!

a really wonderful dinner with dear friends…i especially enjoyed the airflown 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 from shanghai.

c.h.e.f andy

Braised Chicken with Button Mushrooms – 51th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 26Jan2018

braised chicken with button mushrooms

did a braised chicken with button mushrooms for teban gardens community breakfast this morningon 26.1.2018.^^

this my 51th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

2kg boneless thighs + 1kg mid-wing 

i bought 2kg boneless chicken thighs with skin on & added 1 kg of mid-wings from sheng shiong.

when i first started teban gardens had about 80 residents attending breakfast. now it’s consistently 130pax…2kg not quite enough…it is a lot of effort to debone 3 or 4 chickens, so i resort to frozen chicken parts. they work very well actually.

braised chicken mid-wings 

i seasoned the chicken the night before – 2 tbsp fish sauce, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp sesame oil, 4tbsp shaoxing wine, and 2 tbsp corn flour.

quite easy this morning. just fried 1 bulb of garlic cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, 4 star anise, 4 cloves, 4 bay leaves in 1tbsp oil, then added the chicken & fried.

added the button mushrooms. covered & cooked for 5mins..removed the cut chicken fillets & cooked the mid-wings for another 5mins.

braised chicken 

& the dish was done. voila!

braised chicken with button mushrooms 

tasted it…very tender & tasty…

braised chicken with button mushrooms

braised chicken with button mushrooms 

quite excellent dish, and easy to do.

c.h.e.f andy