S$5 No Good Fish Belly Soup @ Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre on 28Jan2018

S$5 no good fish belly soup

having dinner alone this evening. decided to drop by hk street chun kee at commonwealth crescent food centre level 2 for simple fish belly thick beehoon soup on 28.1.2018.

hk street old chun kee

i ordered the S$5 fish belly thick beehoon soup.

spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头here very good. 

so quite surprising for me that the fish belly soup quite bad!

S$5 no good fish belly soup

the fried fish was good serving with 5+ thick cut arge fried fish slices. that was good!

but the soup – it was totally tasteless? how could  that be leh? there was no evaporated milk in it..they did not ask me..i thought they should ask or default have evaporated milk as that is the usual preparation..

anyway it was the soup base that was tasteless, like drinking water…

c.h.e.f andy



S$9.80 Kaisen Mountain Mori @ Sabar Japan Food Town on 29Jan2018

S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori 

went with my OPS bros WM & WT to japan food town level 4 wisma for the S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori at sabar on 29.1.2018. ^^

i tried it recently with my sis & bil. this the first time WM & WT tried.

it was a small bowl & actually quite a huge serving of sashimi, basically the bara chirashi don sashimi cuts.

S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori 

bowl was overflowing, so they provided a larger bowl if you want to eat from the larger bowl.

came with soup & you can also get a free saba sushi from the jpassport app & facebook.

S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori

sashimi – salmon, maguro fresh & sweet & vinegared cured saba very nice too…certainly a very good donburi for S$9.80, of course not expect premium cut sashimi, but it was good & we all enjoyed it. ^^

c.h.e.f andy



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