Friend Bought 6pax Dinner for January Birthday Boys @ Heavenly Divine on 5Jan2018

heavenly divine

this evening, my RI friend bought 6pax dinner for the january birthday boys (he is one himself) at heavenly divine on 5.1.2018.

2 friends shared the same birthday. one was unable to attend today as he was just returning from HCMC with his family this evening.

heavenly divine is at boat quay, the second row of shophouses when you walked from UOB plaza 1. boat quay eats have great ambience, riverside dining outside & renovated shophouse inside.

caramelised bacon with green apple

some friends said the caramelised bacon with green apple tasted like bak kua..

ok but way too sweet la…

crab cake a bit salty

the crab cake was a bit salty, but otherwise a competent dish. presentation was ok.

crab cake a bit salty

crab cake was tasty, and inside was soft not hard & dry.

crab cake a bit salty

i guess above average delivery..competent is the word…

fish & chips

the batter for fish & chips was somewhat unusual.

certainly not the usual batter you get in UK or australia or anywhere else. seldom take fish & chips in singapore (almost never i should say).

had a good one at old brown shoes years back, not sure it is still there.

fish & chips

this batter is a bit like the japanese furai (“fry”) preparation..

but result was good, nice fresh fish fillet & i like the batter. though i still like the usual fish & chips batter with lots of vinegar & salt more…not that i am hot on fish & chips..

st bernard wit beer

the friends shared a german beer…

beer signage decor

the owner is son of the host’s friend, and co-incidentally a relative of the other birthday boy present. small world la!

on the wall, there’s many old USA carplates as decor…our friend (the restaurant owner) was living in seattle & like all americans do, drove a lot while living there. 🙂


i did not select the steak as i didn’t these places offer good cuts or great cooking for steaks..not at these prices to be fair…


i tasted the steaks. as i expected, very mediocre…bland in taste & doneness i didn’t see medium rare..but i was still harbouring a flu so my tastebuds a bit off.

the corn chips were interesting, could taste the corn flavours.

2 birthday cakes

we had a great evening, lots of fun & laughter together…old friends & many old memories & stories to reminiscent…it’s a good way too..another friend present did this dinner previously, so we can follow the tradition of january birthday dinners in subsequent years..

one thing to commend about the place..the owner very friendly, especially with friend & relative among us diners this evening…but he looks like a friendly & chill kind of bloke in any case.

the manager joshua gave really good service & very obliging. we troubled him again & again with group photos with so many cameras..i did not want to add my got some group & birthday photos from shared whatsapp photos. haha!

food wise, so so not much to comment…

c.h.e.f andy



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