Ah Seng Mao Shan Wang & Tapao Weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 on 4Feb2018

weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙 

LKY came by on 4.2.2018.

weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙 

i was at sheng shiong tanglin halt when he called. on the way back home, passed by weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙  & saw that the queue was quite short.

stopped to queue up to tapao the laksa….waited maybe 10mins.

weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙

my usual order = S$5 No 6 (shredded chicken, cockles, taupok) & thick beehoon mee.

was as good as always…great savoury lemak laksa gravy, tender chicken, big cockles & nice taupok, noodles just right.


i bought D24 & MSW from ah seng the evening before, so we had our own durian feast, 2 of us….


D24 was very good slight bitter..MSW initially i thought not as good as last evening but i had it again later it was very good la!

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:



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