Lovey Fish Belly Noodles & Fatty Thai Wanton Mee on 7Feb2018

WM & me

my OPS bro WM has been waxing lyrical about this fried fish head noodles & thai wanton mee at beach road. so this morning we decided to meet for makan there at 10.30am on 4.2.2018.

S$5 fish belly noodles soup

like early time for me & no customers but they said they sold out the fish head.

deep-fried fish head can be very nice but often they are boney & no much meat, so i don’t miss it much unless i know it is good…

S$5 fish belly noodles soup

this fish belly soup as it turned out was very good! nice batter, fresh fish & thick cut about 6+1smaller pieces.

the broth was so very tasty, lots of ooomph! & the noodles were really interesting, lite a very tasty yeemeen perhaps al dente??? anyway very nice la & not common like the thick bee hoon (which also nice, i like).

fish head & fish belly noodles stall

not sure the name of this fish noodles stall…they also served tomyam fish noodles so maybe it’s the same owner as fatty thai…

fish noodles soup stall

 like this fish noodles best this morning…

S$4 thai wanton noodles

the thai wanton noodles was also good…

S$4 thai wanton noodles

it looked no different from our wanton noodles…there were 2 crispy & 2soup wanton…the char siew was better, more flavourful than most wanton mee..& they gave lots of vegetables & lar pok (crispy lard)..

& the special was some spicy thai chilli looked a small teaspoonful, but it did add a subtle quite wonderful flavour to the noodles..maybe can get this powder & do at home..

thai wanton noodles

very enjoyable bowl of goodness..

fetty thai wanton noodles

i would take this again.

S$3 char kuay teow

since we were there, decided to share a S$3 char kuay teow..

it was good too, not exceptional, completely competent..

S$3 char kuay teow

enjoyed it too..

he ji 和记

a great outing this morning, like brunch just enjoying a few noodle dishes together & chatting & sharing.

c.h.e.f andy


One thought on “Lovey Fish Belly Noodles & Fatty Thai Wanton Mee on 7Feb2018

  1. Interesting to see Thai wanton noodles in Singapore.
    Spicy chili powder are quite common as a optional condiment in noodles stall in Thailand. Thanks for an interesting review 😀

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