Best T-rex Prime Ribs Bakuteh on 7Feb2018

prime ribs bakuteh

i bought some nice fresh indonesia prime ribs to make the red wine pork ribs for the 4pax OPS homecooked donburi on 1.2.2018. 

so there were 6 large meaty ribs left in the chiller, i would say easily 600g+.

today i decided to cook bakuteh on 4.2.2018. ^^

one OPS friend used to joke T-rex bkt!

of course the ribs already cut in 1/2, otherwise its even larger…what is important thought is the meaty ribs with layer of fat that makes it very tasty & heavenly sinful…what am i saying???

prime ribs bakuteh

making bakuteh is like next to effortless…

1 packet ilc bkt sachet. 1kg pork about 600 – 700g..a bulb of garlic cloves. & that’s it. boil for 50mins.

prime ribs bakuteh 

the bakuteh was absolutely delicious, for all the reasons i mentioned – meaty, layer of fat flavouring the meat, though tender texture with bounce in the bite.

prime ribs bakuteh

prime ribs bakuteh 

totally better than sin ming road bkt…ribs were better, soup much, much better la…

prime ribs bakuteh

now see also lau nua!

c.h.e.f andy

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