Great Bento Lunch with Godsis @ Anzu Japan Food Town on 9Feb2018

S$15 lunch bento at anzu 

had a wonderful 2pax bento lunch with godsis at anze, japan food town level 4 wisma atria on 9.2.2018. ^^

meimei doesn’t take sashimi much. last time we had yakiniku at heijoen so we thought we have something different this time.

the dainty bentos are not really my preferred dishes, but this one only S$15 & i don’t really mind tonkatsu (breaded pork) as a main..

the set turned out to be quite delicious & good combo of dishes…meimei was very happy with the meal..

nice salad 

the salad was actually quite nice with the dressing. it was just shredded cabbage & some pickled radish..

nice salad 

the pickled radish was very good, and went perfectly with the salad. i tried the yuzu dressing (good), the pepper cream dressing (even better) and also the sweet tonkatsu sauce (quite ok)..

S$15 lunch bento at anzu 

there was chawamushi, miso soup, seaweed, cold soba, pumpkin, tamago (very good, better than my own for sure), and a very good fish kakiage…

S$15 lunch bento at anzu 

my preference still sashimi don & beef but this bento was very ok for me, and for just S$15 + 10% no GST.

after lunch meimei bought kopi at toast masters…nice lunch & chat with godsis.

c.h.e.f andy




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