50% off Dimsum Promo @ Peach Garden Miramar Hotel on 14Oct2017

dimsum 50% off

daughter going off mid-week to boston for a conference.

before leaving, she & JH arranged to buy me lunch at peach garden miramar today on 14.10.2017…

i just been to miramar this week on 9.10.2017. that was for my OPS 12pax birthday dinner. i have never taken dimsum at peach garden.


the 小笼包  just average. soup not so sweet. skin ok i guess.


not comparable with imperial treasure or crystal jade.

腐皮卷 fu pei quin

the 腐皮卷 fu pei quin was quite good, tasty, great!

har gao

har gao was ok. i guess not the standard of imperial treasure…

scallop dumplings

the scallop dumplings was good.

crispy dumplings

crispy dumplings were very good too.

steamed chicken feeet

and the steamed chicken feet & pork ribs were pretty good standard. chicken feet good taste & texture.

steamed pork ribs

& the pork ribs were pretty good, not the fatty & bony type, quite good amount of tender meat..

XO carrot cake S$18

the XO carrot cake was a failure IMO!

not charred outside & overly soft inside.

XO carrot cake S$18

not sure why we are paying S$18 for this poor quality dish…

didn’t really notice my daughter ordering from the main menu ie outside the 50% off dimsum menu…but when i queried the server, no one seemed to comment so i guess she did.

3pax lunch was like S$56, so the poor XO carrot cake was like 1/3 of the the bill, plain ridiculous…moral of the story don’t order outside the 50% menu lol! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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