OPS Bro 60th Birthday 六十大寿12pax Dinner @ Peach Garden Miramar on 9Oct2017

bro WT’s 60th birthday

today my OPS gang organised a 60th birthday dinner 六十大寿 for our bro 大哥 WT at peach garden on 9.10.2017. ^^

12pax OPS buddies attended. WM went to get the birthday cake from awefully chocolate.

50% off ala carte buffet promotion

peach garden @ miramar has an ongoing 50% off ala carte buffet promotion (till 30nov2017)..

so for weekdays it is S$24pax…they charge +10+3 on the full S$48 so net about S$32 include tea & towels….pretty ok la…

fish skin

we ordered most things on the menu.

serving size is confusing as different for different dishes, so we checked couple times..eg above fish skin is one order, the roast pork & the one large soon hock were 2 orders…who can know all these right?

fish skin was good..slightly salty & very large serving..

sharksfin with crabmeat

there were like 5 soups? you can only order once…so we ordered the 4 bowls each of the first 3 soups.

i think the sharksfin crab meat soup (which i had) was the best, not too gluey & stock was sweet…

actually a good lie tong 例汤(say) at tunglok would be better la…

sharksfin with shredded abalones, fishmaw

the sharksfin with shredded abalones, fishmaw not much different really, but more like the chinese wedding sort dish…

roast pork

roast pork (above was 2 orders) was quite ok first round.

the second round we ordered was much better ie very good! crisp skin, tender & tasty fat & meat..

drunken chicken

the drunken chicken had good wine flavours.

presentation though a bit poor & did not look appetising. i like to see a nicely plated breast or thigh rather than spreading them out like that…

wasabi mayo prawns

prawn fritters were good, big & fresh & batter good too not too thick, only the wasabi mayo was overwhelming.

later my friends ordered a second serving (huge serving), but for the presence of our fully functioning CH who can black-holed anything, we would have 1/2 plate left however hard the rest of us tried (i ate a few pieces more than i wanted to).

prawns in yuzu dressing

the prawns in yuzu dressing basically same fritters as wasabi mayo prawns, much better dressing, slightly tangy…

fried beef with pepper

FM liked the fried beef….not my kind of dish as very tenderised & for me, artificial..reminds me of geylang lor 9 beef horfun lor…

kurobuta not so nice

agreed with FM the kurobuta not nice, not smooth & marbled, and a bit porky…usually kurobuta supposed to be good…maybe i was influenced by FM… 🙂

mei cai kou rou梅菜扣肉

mei cai kou rou梅菜扣肉 was pretty good by me. tender meat & good 梅菜 flavours..

WT said mine was better, the truth was that he had not tried (only tried my 东坡肉),

but probably my 梅菜扣肉 (i only did once) was indeed better la…

poached prawns

the poached prawns was pretty good (i think they called it indonesia style???).

i took 3 pieces, fresh, plump, sweet..

prawns are very easy to do though, any preparation, poached, fried, even just throw into instant noodles as my RI  bro CL recently discovered. just don’t overcook it!

deep fried soon hock

the deep fried soon hock was good, crispy & sauce was good, slightly sweet not salty & flavourful..

above 1 large soon hock i think 1kg was 2 orders! later we ordered second round & 2 came i think 600g each…

pating fish

i love my pating fish, especially the oily belly part.

FM ate the head…

HH liked the pating also, like any good teochew haha! she liked braised duck, song fish head etc, quite similar to my preferences.

tofu with mushrooms

tofu with mushrooms was mediocre, actually quite poor-sauce not much taste, skin hard outside, not soft enough inside..

nai bai 奶白

nai bai 奶白 was good..

string beans 四季豆

strong beans 四季豆 also good..

egg plant fritters

egg plant fritters was a good preparation, like an appetiser though..

3 eggs spinach

3 eggs spinach was competent…some OPS friend thought it was salty…ok for me but not tasty enough..

spinach noodles

spinach noodles unique i guess, quite plain but ok nice. i took a little…


don’t have my RI bro CL here to inspire us to take all 4 dessert.

WT ordered 2 dessert x 12 bowls each..

杨枝甘露 not good restaurant standard..

ice jelly

ice jelly not much toppings ingredients, still refreshing.. i liked this better…

dinner for 12pax was S$380+…quite ok cannot complain la…

WM brought on the cake and we sang birthday song…HH & M brought birthday presents for WT.

had a great evening with my OPS bros & sis…

c.h.e.f andy


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