Excellent Top-value Semi-buffet Dinner @ One Ninety Four Seasons Hotel on 7Oct2017

heap of crabmeat on the squidink pasta

wife & i decided to go one ninety at four seasons hotel this evening on 7.10.2017. ^^

one ninety is included in amex lovedining for a while but we have not tried it for the last many years.

at S$64pax for the semi-buffet dinner, it came to S$32++pax after amex’s 50% discounts for 2, a really top-value meal…

very tasty bread

the bread was tasty, very good bread & the hummus from the buffet were great!

scallops very good..i took 3..added some yuzu dressing👍 

i didn’t think too much of it when i picked up the scallop.

scallops very good..i took 3..added some yuzu dressing👍

but unlike many buffet who uses frozen scallops & mussels etc, this  was a very fresh & plump scallops & sweet. i ended up taking 3 scallops.

the mussels, scallops, prawn dish quite good,

there was a mussels, scallops, prawn dish at the buffet spread. they were quite good too, especially adding a little yuzu salad dressing. i did not take the salad, too much things to eat!

buffet selectiion 

so my first plate had beef tongue (just above the scallop), belly pork next to it (ok but skin a bit tough), the hummus next were excellent especially with the bread..

some cauliflower & veg, a roasted egg plant, pate & fig in the front, and cold cuts on the right…

cold cuts salami, prosciutto especially beef very good👍

the cold cuts were excellent – salami, prosciutto all good & especially beef the best!👍

beef very good👍 chicken very good too

this my second appetiser plate, took some more excellent beef.

beef tongue great texture taste so so…

beef tongue, likely sous vide, had great texture taste so so…

burrata not much taste 

burrata also great smooth texture but not much taste??

baked eggplant ok 

baked eggplant (front) ok but not special…actually the grilled peppers etc were better..so again egg plant good texture just not tasty.

fig & pate ok, cold cuts very good👍 

the fig & pate ok, cold cuts very good👍

the appetiser buffet i had before long time back on 30.5.2013,

were better (it had stuffed roast suckling pig & also roast duck), but this was still very good, for me to take 3 plates.

Mediterranean seabass best seabass i had👍👍👍 

& we were ready for our main courses.

i had the Mediterranean seabass…this indisputably one of the best seabass i had👍👍👍

i think for this standard of cooking, ingredients & presentation, this seabss would be between S$36 and S$44 in a good restaurant of this standard.

Mediterranean seabass best seabass i had👍👍👍 

fish was sweet & very tasty, and very tasty sauce too.

squid ink crabmeat pasta 

the squid ink crabmeat pasta quite different preparation from the usual creamy preparation.

here looked like too much sauce, and the pasta not quite al dente.

squid ink crabmeat pasta

but it was actually very, very good.

maybe the more than al dente was a style, a recipe?

it certainly tasted very good with the sauce, very tasty squidink pasta w/o being heavily creamy.

squid ink crabmeat pasta

& there was loads of crabmeat. a can of good crab meat can cost >S$20.

these looked like fresh crabmeat handshelled??

tapao squid ink crabmeat pasta

we were too full so had to tapao back. son was asleep but he walloped it the next morning…


i still managed to take some cheese.

it was nice too with the strawberry jam compote..

fresh fruit cocktail 

& i took some fresh fruit cocktail as well!

fresh fruit cocktail 

nice, very refreshing…


the buffet included a salad bar..looked very good but there were too much food so i didn’t take.

buffet spread

the cooked dishes including beef tongue, , a fish, belly pork, pate etc…

cold cuts

& there were excellent cold cuts of salami, prosciutto & beef…i didn’t have space for the rock melon & other ham items…


there was a cheese section. i took some…


& dessert.. i took the fresh fruits cocktail..

overall, this really value-for-money buffet, great ambience, good service & i got a free parking coupon as well.

a really nice evening with wife, wonderful appetiser dishes & great main courses…& dinner just S$32pax.

c.h.e.f andy


One Ninety @ Four Seasons Hotel


190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646




opening hours:

daily 6:30–10:30am12–2:30pm6:30–10:30pm

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