Perfect Pan-roasted Brined Chicken Breast & Thigh on 9Oct2017

pan roasted brined chicken breast salad 

wife wanted to make chicken breast salad to bring to office for lunch today on 9.10.2017.

she asked me to make my pan roasted brined chicken (recipe here).

i have not done this for the longest time. anyhow it was quite a simple preparation-

  1. i debone & cleaned 1/2 chicken, wash with salt.
  2. then i brine the chicken with 2 tbsp salt & 3tbsp sugar, and 1/2tbsp lemon juice in 1 litre water, for 24hrs in the fridge.
  3. bring to room temperature, dry thoroughly & fry skin down with 1tbsp oil in an oven proof skillet on high heat, brown the skin, about 5mins.
  4. turn over & put in oven for 8mins (maybe 9 or 10mins) depends on size & thickness.
  5. rest for 10mins before cutting.

pan roasted brined chicken breast & thigh

as seen in the photos, the meat was moist from brining, and the meat was tasty.

(water molecules move through the skin membrane by osmosis for a moister meat, and sugar & salt molecules enters by diffusion for a tastier chicken)

pan roasted brined chicken thigh 

chicken was moist & delightful in taste, perfect for the salad which my wife prepared hereself.

pan roasted brined chicken breast & thigh

& both the thighs & breast came out nicely.

usually when the thigh is cooked, the breast is overcooked. today the breast pieces were thicker & the water helped the breast to be NOT overcooked, though it looked to be more cooked than the thigh.

c.h.e.f andy


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