Makan Outing to RongCheng BKT, Penang Delights & Ah Seng Braised Duck on 16Oct2017

龙骨prime ribs S$8 & ter kar S$5

met my RI bro KY for hawker fare makan outing.

rong cheng now sin min road bkt

we went to rong cheng now sin min road bkt at 10am on 16.10.2017. ^^

龙骨prime ribs S$8

i ordered one 龙骨prime ribs S$8 & one ter kar (pork trotters) S$5 to share.

the 龙骨prime ribs always good. this one of the few places that sells this long 龙骨prime ribs..after eating i went to sheng shiong & bought the long fresh indonesian prime ribs myself….going to make my own bkt later… ^^

so i still like this..but today’s not their best..

ter kar S$5

i knew the ter kar S$5  was not great here, but still decided to give it a try.

well no surprises, .ter kar 👎🏼absolutely no standard..gelatinous parts no bite, the braise no “pang” flavours.. my own much better la! 🙂

& then i wanted to order the braised duck from hup seng next to rong cheng, but KY stopped me as he wanted to bring me to ah seng.

penang delights prawn noodles S$4

afterwards we went to penang delights prawn noodles @ blk 711 amk ave 8.

penang delights prawn noodles S$4

penang delights prawn noodles S$4

this the worst prawn noodles i had.. 👎🏼👎🏼sugary sweet no prawn stock flavour. any prawn noodle stall also better than this…

ah seng braised duck

after went to ah seng braised duck..

ah seng braised duck

the stall proprietress knows my RI bro KY well & quite pally with him.

they have another at serangoon gardens operated by the sister.

lor arh – braised duck

lor arh – braised duck

today though the lor arh (braised duck) was so👈

i think my own better, & hup seng next to rong cheng better..

small & large intestines 👍

the small & large intestines were good standard 👍..

pig stomach soup

the pig stomach soup…good bite, tender, soup peppery👍👍

today not really much of a makan outing… bkt was good if not their best, braised duck & intestines were ok & the pig organ soup was good.

fun anyway, spending time with bro KY.

c.h.e.f andy


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