Quite OK Food Bad Service @ Feng Bo Zhuang 风波庄on 16Aug2016

braised whole pig trotters

braised whole pig trotters – S$18

bought 2 x $100 groupon vouchers at S$49.90ea & went with my OPS friends to feng bo zhuang 风波庄 on 16.8.2016. ^^

it’s a kungfu themed restuarant. the dishes were all named after famous 武侠小说stories. when you settle the bill they called you 大侠 and said 后会有期. but then what’s the use of gimmicks & superficial stuff when a service philosophy is lacking?

have to highlight that service was bad & extremely unco-operative. they were not outwardly rude but refused to help with the menu & any questions. basically “difficult to suggest anything, it’s up to you what you like to order”.

there were many instances, and not just an isolated server. both servers & manager were all uncooperative. maybe they did not like us using groupons…lol…

the dishes

the dishes

anyway i changed from lao sichuan to this place because some may not take too spicy food.

so basically 2 of us ordered only 1 spicy dish & the rest items non spicy.


xiaolongbao小笼包 – S$8

my immediate reaction & comment “xiaolongbao小笼包 looks like a disaster!”.


xiaolongbao小笼包 – S$8

very little soup, skin not smooth, fortunately the filling was tasty.

so in fact one friend commented she would order this dish if she come here again.

it’s a matter of whether one is looking for a reasonably good dish or a good xiaolongbao小笼包.

this was NOT a good xiaolongbao小笼包 (like the very good ones we had recently at paradise dynasty @ ONEKM)

but it’s a reasonably good dish. for myself though, i would not order this as there are other dishes here at good price to try.

steamed scallops

steamed scallops – S$20

we all agreed the steamed scallops was the worst dish. no taste la!

not so difficult to do leh, scallops or razor clams….

steamed froglegs

steamed frog legs – S$18

the steamed frog legs were strangely also much below par, not tasty. maybe it had to be taken with the sauce.

steamed froglegs

steamed froglegs – S$18

must say the photos actually looked alright, but quite tasteless??

spicy sour veg fish 酸菜鱼

spicy sour veg fish 酸菜鱼 – S$20

i was ordering only one spicy dish. they did not have my favourite 水煮鱼, so i ordered spicy sour veg fish 酸菜鱼.

spicy sour veg fish 酸菜鱼

spicy sour veg fish 酸菜鱼 – S$20

some found it spicy. for me it was not spicy, but for me水煮鱼 is not about being spicy or numb but that it is very flavourful – “pang” c/w with this.

one friend felt the snake head fish was not very fresh. for me it felt ok.

braised whole pig trotters

braised whole pig trotters – S$18

the best dish for the evening was the braised whole trotter.

very flavourful, tender, not old, & just the right texture. even the lean meat was good.

quite surprising! it was not just above expectations but very good even c/w good restaurants, and at S$18 before groupon discounts. ^^

duck soup

duck soup – S$18

we had the duck soup medium.

it was very tasty soup, not like itek tim with special flavours of sour plum or orange peel & salted vegetables, but just a very tasty soup & quite nice duck.

娃娃菜with prawns

娃娃菜baby cabbage with prawns – S$12

the 娃娃菜with prawns was ok, an average dish.

娃娃菜with prawns

娃娃菜 baby cabbage with prawns – S$12

had some prawns, but not sure it made any difference.

百叶 fried gluten puff

百叶 fried gluten puff – S$6

so the forgoing we had 7 dishes for 7pax. trotters excellent, duck soup very good, spicy fish i still like, xiaolongbao & vege ok, the other 2 dishes quite poor.

one friend decided to order 2 more dishes to try.

百叶 - gluten

百叶 fried gluten puff – S$6

i liked the 百叶 – fried gluten puff.

百叶 - fried gluten puff with minced pork

百叶 – fried gluten puff with minced pork – S$10

flavour was strong & unique, maybe a bit of sesame oil & slightly tangy. 🙂

百叶 - fried gluten puff. with minced pork 

百叶 – fried gluten puff. with minced pork – S$10

like the 百叶 – fried gluten puff. with minced pork too.

overall bill was S$138.50. there was no GST no service charge. with the groupon S$100 voucher costing S$49.90, dinner with 9 dishes for 7pax was about S$88.

i would often tip the servers(>10% of the nett price) if there was no service charge & especially when there was a good groupon discounts & food & service were good, like at uncle leong.

would have done the same here but service was non existent la…

so i do think food was ok, above average & good value for the price. also as we were not familiar with the menu & with no help form the servers, that explained few misses.

recently, the same OPS friend treated us to a zi char dinner at quan ji 权记 at amoy street food centre, S$102 for 6 dishes for 7pax.

food was good, tasty, good portions & i enjoyed very much & will go back.

& he eats often at the place so he knows all the good dishes to order.

so i would say if it were just food alone, and this is an aircon restaurant ambience c/w a hawker centre table, the groupon deal is rather worthwhile.. & though you don’t have groupon all the time, even S$138 for 9 dishes w/o discounts were ok if we ordered the right dishes.

the thing about bad services is whether one is bothered by it. there are nazi chefs, & places with zero service but if you know what dishes to order & no interactions required, zero service may not matter.

for me, i don’t rule out going back altogether but also not in a hurry to la…

c.h.e.f andy


Feng Bo Zhuang (风波庄酒家)


57B Temple Street, 058602


+65 62233588

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:00 – 23:00




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