Best Crab Beehoon Soup at Uncle Leong Jurong (Encore) on 7Dec2015

crab beehoon soup

crab beehoon soup

went back with family for 5pax dinner at uncle leong seafood at jurong last evening on 7.12.2015. ^^

i was here recently with some friends on 17.11.2015!

"full" or "solid" crab

“full” or “solid” crab

well, it was just as heavenly this evening. whole family loved all the food.

crab was solid (there was a smallprint on the web menu that they do not guarantee the crab is “solid”), flesh was firm.

& very sweet, even though it was boiled in the beehoon soup.

well, & the beehoon was just heavenly, no word to describe!

the soup ran out quickly so my second helping was mostly beehoon, but it was so infused with the crab flavours…..

uncle leong jurong seafood

uncle leong jurong seafood

it’s a bit quieter this evening on a monday maybe jut 50% full.

sea cucumber mised seafood pot

sea cucumber mised seafood pot

the sea cucumber seafood pot was STILL excellent. very fresh seafood (razor clams, scallops, prawns, fish), very light broth, no fishy taste, very sweet.

i think i can make this dish.

pumpkin prawns

pumpkin prawns

pumpkin prawns was good i guess c/w many places. as good as any just not as wow c/w the other very shiok dishes.

3 egg spinach

3 egg spinach

the 3 egg spinach is the best i had in any restaurant or zi char place.

this evening, on second try, wife & daughter also think it was very good (their first try), a bit less thrilled for me whereas for the crab beehoon soup & seafood pot, still same shiok feeling.

salted egg crab

salted egg crab

wife & daughter loved the salted egg crab too.

daughters also loved the deep-fried mantou 馒头.

crab beehoon soup

crab beehoon soup

it was good, just not in the same league as the crab beehoon soup. wonder if i can do this.

dinner came to S$235 for 2x1kg crabs at S$63/kg, plus 3 other dishes, drinks & whatnots. i think it was ok w/o discounts. with the groupon discounts S$120 for S$200, the dinner came to S$155. quite super!

service was just as good as the last time. i did not give tip this time though. it’s a in the mood thing, no need to do every time. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Uncle Leong Seafood (Jurong East)

Address: #01-485, 262 Jurong East Street 24, 600262
OPENING HOURS:Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 22:00 Sat, Sun &: 14:00 – 23:00
PHONE:+65 68972881

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