RI Friends 6pax Homecooked Pasta + Steak Lunch on 15Dec2015

did a 6pax pasta + steak lunch for my friends today on 15.12.2015. ^^

one close friend is resident in silicon valley at cupertino & visiting from the states. 🙂

i did a very simple lunch, just 2 pastas, a miso belly pork & a steak, then a still experimental macha lava cake. 🙂

miso belly pork was done per my recently perfected recipe 7hrs in 90degC oven.

the taste was wonderful, but the texture was not the best. the simple test was whether it cut easily. a friend joked that it was because my knife was not sharp. anyway, it ended up looking like pulled pork. of course cutting could also be solved by 1/ freezing it & cut, but hey it’s just a lunch la…perfect recipe not so perfect? that’s ok!

anyway, the reason was that it was lunch so i had to set the oven overnight & though timer was 7hrs, it stayed in the oven a lot longer. haha!

this piece of ribeye was a little thick, i think maybe 1.25in, so i was unsure of doneness even with the finger test. & had to put back in the pan for a while more.

as it turned out though, the doneness (medium rare) & the taste was quite perfect.

& it was quite fabulous using he french mustard a friend recently bought for me.

2 pastas=wafu 和风pasta & seafood spaghetti in pink sauce (creamy tomatoes)

2 pastas=wafu 和风pasta & seafood spaghetti in pink sauce (creamy tomatoes)

i made 2 pastas=wafu 和风pasta & seafood spaghetti in pink sauce (creamy tomatoes).

wafu 和风pasta may not be my most preferred pasta. but it is still very tasty.

& it was easy to do – just 4 slice bacon, 1/2 yellow onion, shimeji mushrooms, & spaghetti with tsuyu, mirin & a tsp sugar.

& some thai sweet basil! 🙂

for the seafood spaghetti in pink sauce (creamy tomatoes), i used 1 large squid & some small prawns.

i didn’t put enough cream actually, so it looked more red than pink. haha! 🙂

i thought it was not that great actually. i thought it was not enough al dente because reheating & this pasta had more sauce so less al dente after reheating c/w the wafu pasta.

but my friends thought it was ok. maybe my palate still not fully back after a lengthy 2.5 weeks flu.

my best creamy tomato pasta was my lobster angel hair. still salivating when i look at the photos. ^^

this 7hr 90degC miso belly pork is a really wonderful recipe too.

taste, texture, everything. my close friend from usa loved the skin too.

macha lava cake was my 3rd attempt.

taste wise it was pretty good, nice macha taste (i put a bit more about 1.5 tbsp macha powder this time). but by comparison, my chocolate lava cake is still better. the lava texture & flavours were really excellent.

the lava wasn’t perfect. lava wise i couldn’t get it any better than my second experiment macha lava cake.



a friend brought nice rambutans after lunch we sat around & chatted for anither 3+hrs. & we ate up all the 2 packets of rambutans he brought.

our pastor friend had to go off first. the rest of us (5pax) decided to adjourn to duct colony at pasarbella for a cuppa.

we stayed for another hr. nice ambience, great company & a very smooth, nice coffee.

c.h.e.f andy