8pax RI Bros Tapas Dinner on 7Jul2022

made 8pax RI bros dinner


  1. pumpkin salad
  2. tortilla- spanish omelette
  3. flamed squid on cauliflower puree
  4. seafood squidink pasta
  5. beef brisket ragout tagliatelle (experimental)
  6. grilled cod in spicy tomato sauce
  7. canard à l’orange (duck in orange sauce =experimental)
  8. flamed sous vide aussie pork tomahawk in red wine tomatoes ratatouille
  9. peanut herb crusted rack of lamb
  10. tiramisu

seafood squidink past par excellence, everyone favourite.

the experimental beef brisket was very good for a braised meat pasta(24hrs 65degC oven then chopped and braised with tomato beef sauce not quite ragout, excellent with the tagliatelle, and the sliced beef was tender and tasty) though squidink pasta is still the pasta of choice.

everyone agreed best dish was the flamed sous vide aussie pork tomahawk in red wine tomatoes ratatouille…

canard à l’orange (duck in orange sauce =experimental) a small serving, quite good, sauce can be improved.

tiramisu not so good today…didn’t do for few years…couldn’t get the mascarpone I used previously & coffee too much liquid not strong enough…I made a very good tiramisu few days afterwards got all the ingredients right. 🙂

Thanks all for a wonderful evening jolly good time 🙏😎

Thanks choon hung for the sweet young thing (coconuts), tak meng for the wine, chee hong for the cherries, cheow ghee for the mua chee & tng chang popiah 👍🏻

Thanks cheok mung & choon hung for washing up 🙏

chye kiang-

Thanks for an evening of lovingly cooked food and friendship!🙏🙏🙏

chee hong

yes, thanks SK for hosting yet another Andylicious banquet. Thanks the rest for the great company, and an enriching knowledge of chicken rearing.

tak meng

Thanks for company tonight. Wonderful to catch up with everyone. SK thanks for hosting. 🙏

choon hung

Ser Khoon, thanks for a very delicious dinner as always. Thanks also to everyone for the enjoyable evening. 🙏

cheok mung

A great evening, thanks Ser Khoon for hosting and whipping up a delightful dinner. Thanks everyone for the company!

c.h.e.f andy


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