Excellent Suckling Pig Lunch 11pax RI 14 Bros @ Spring Court on 3Jul2022

RI 14bros 11pax lunch @ spring court on 3.7.2022.^^

missing jeff and beng san….

this occasion to celebrate arrival of my favourite granddaughter nicole on 29.6.2022. lol!😜😎

excellent lunch..last time I was here was 2018 for wai mun surprise birthday party by jessie..& before that maybe 20-30yrs

surprisingly very good

  1. suckling pig was best I had, better than imperial treasure & chao shan..very meaty, excellent flavours, crispy skin, not salty..best of the best!
  2. roast duck was excellent, very tasty, flavourful, tender, moist-I decided to change from the signature pressed chicken to roast duck cos same price & review photos for chicken looks very different from restaurant photos..
  3. platter S$84 good but not worth the price won’t order next time
  4. claypot lamb good standard very tender not too lamby nice sauce though I feel not tasty enuf..actually I think the $7 柴船头 mutton rib soup more tasty lol!!!
  5. 港蒸笋壳hk steamed soon hock 1.1kg very fresh sweet great sauce never fails
  6. cereal prawns 500g very nicely done..very fresh prawns tasty cereals too
  7. dried scallops chinese cabbage excellent dish very sweet & got 50% off voucher so $28
  8. I got the cheaper $36 chicken crabmeat yeemeen very tasty if cannot find crabmeat or chicken lol! 😜😜😜
  9. orh nee good standard

excellent lunch everyone enjoyed & a memorable lunch for me.

c.h.e.f andy


Spring Court


52-56 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058348




Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs11am–2:30pm6–10pm
Fri – Sun11am–2:30pm5:30–10pm

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