Cannot Make It Below Par Teochew Muay @ 月来香Yue Lai Xiang on 13Jun2022

lunch with sis @ yuelaixiang
lunch with sis @ yuelaixiang

$30 teochew muay really expensive with sos on 13.6.2022.^^

really ex!!

cannot make it!

$16 mullet no scales! so cannot lift up skin got to tear..the most precious parts fish fats omega 3 removed!

flesh is soft & marshy not firm cos not chilled, not fraction as nice as my own chilled mullet $5

veg – tofu dish best, sweet tasty..eggplant & tai kee dish good..lala ok..cabbage, broccoli so so.. lady fingers poor…

c.h.e.f andy


月来香Yue Lai Xiang



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