Delivered homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 16Jun2022


deliver homecooked dinner to brother family on 16.6.2022.^^

  1. 蒸午鱼(半条)
  2. 包菜鸡锅 (kampung chicken半只)
  3. 冬粉虾
  4. 炒菜

the 包菜鸡锅 cabbage chicken is a recreation of myo’s famous kia hiang claypot chicken dish. will do a recipe later.

turn out very nicely…tender tasty moist chicken falling off the bones and very tasty broth.

threadfin have very nice teochew sauce using just fish sauce and sour plum…but over steamed so not great…

prawn Rangoon usual great dish and simple fried spinach, fresh and green and good.

c.h.e.f andy


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