Wife’s Birthday Staycation @ Parkroyal Collections Marina Bay on 9nov2021

wife’s birthday 🎉

set off early to cycle to East Coast park via marina barrage & bay gardens east.

took the double helix back to park collections Marina Bay hotel

having dinner at peach blossoms later..

try out some hawker fare Jia Xiang kolo mee


& tapao putien heng hua lor mee


yuzu abalone $20 was good, tender, tasty,
foie gras cigar
sea perch $26 was excellent, wonderful texture & flavours

had alacarte @ peach blossom restuarant

yuzu abalone $20 was good, tender, tasty, nothing special (presentation was)

the foie gras cigar $24 is our favourite now

the 例汤$12 was very good, almost (like 90%) as good as the soup last evening

the sea perch $26 was excellent, superbly done, wonderytexture & flavours

the roast combo $48- roast pork all fat cannot make it, roast duck they gave breast average for good restaurant, the apple wood roasted iberico char siew was superb..a must order..will order the $38 char siew dish next time

birthday cake

sumin arranged the cake.

c.h.e.f andy


Peach Blossom @ Parkroyal Collections Marina Bay


6 Raffles Boulevard Level 5, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore 039594



Opening Hours:


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