mr K’s 100th Day Celebrations Home Gourmet Dinner on 13May2021

cayden’s 100th day celebrations on 13.5.2021.^^

a really happy and good nature mr K…

we had-

  1. wife’s tokkong salad
  2. wife’s grilled vine tomatoes & sweet corn
  3. miso teriyaki salmon belly
  4. bouillabaisse seafood stew
  5. chorizo prawns tagliatelle
  6. shellfish bisque ratatouille squid ink pasta with squid & scallops
  7. herb peanut crusted rack of lamb
  8. sulin’s excellent mirin USDA prime ribeye

wife made her tokkong salad…excellent visuals, texture and taste…

bouillabaisse was good, very tasty and flavourful and fish, squid, scallops, prawns all good, perfecto!

lamb rack was very good too, not much gamey taste and tender and sweet…the peanut crust was great…

squid ink pasta was al dente and delicious, and the sweet ratatouille enhanced the flavours.

miso teriyaki salmon the usual good dish…& Sulin’s mirin steak was excellent!

c.h.e.f andy


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