Green Corridor 5km 1hr Walk, Breakfast with Brother & SIL, Mediocre Braised Duck @ Zhen Wei Bukit Panjang FC on 2May2021

went for early walk 5km to rail mall with wife this morning started 6.50am on 2.5.2021.^^

met brother & sil & WF on the way and we finished at rail mall where brother’s car was parked…

brother brought us to bukit panjang market & fc & bought duck noodles.

there was a queue I guess this zhen wei braised duck noodles quite popular here…

braised duck mediocre not flavourful “pang” quite below par actually. liver, tau kua & egg also pedestrian below par.. plus 1/2duck $23 not particularly cheap too not sure why there was a queue..anyway individual taste..

but the braised duck was poor.

my own braised duck better la!

after makan we walked around the stalls.

c.h.e.f andy


Zhen Wei Braised Duck Noodles


259 Bangkit Rd, Singapore 670259

Opening Hours:

opens at 5.30am


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