RI Bros Home Gourmet Dinner Yummy Ghost Stories on 21Apr2021

made RI bros 9pax dinner menu

prez organised 9pax RI bros (8 visitors) get together at my place on 21.4.2021.^^

to continue the ghost stories by prez and prof LKY……eeeeeeeeeeeee…..

I made –

  1. 烧肉 for predinner drinks
  2. 腊味沙煲饭 sausage claypot rice
  3. 酱蒸松鱼头 meensi song fish head
  4. 卤元蹄 teochew braised hock & trotters
  5. huadiao steamed chicken with wolfberries
  6. claypot tanhoon prawns
  7. 3-eggs spinach

(& to skip as requested-steamed pork with salted fish 咸鱼饼😀) can’t remember why skip but I guess we had lots of food already la!

beng san brought humongous cockles coached by chee hong with detailed instructions on poaching (but according to prof didn’t have salt water to remove mud 🤣)

prez brought cheese…

wee woon summarised the evening for all -“Thanks chef, for a wonderful evening and the good food! Much appreciated!Thanks YF, for the washing up. If I were a woman, I would envy your wife! Thanks HAB for the big cockles! They tasted very juicy!Thanks THK for the durian! Thanks CWS for the delicatessen cakes from Bengawan Solo.Thanks prez for your Bordeaux French wine and ghost stories (woman in white and room #22-03 story)Thanks prof for your Chilean Carbanet Sauvignon!Thanks everyone for the great company!)

and I may add – thank you so much YF for washing up the dishes etc

everyone loved the crackling blistered roast pork, very tender and juicy inside, made one of my best roast pork this evening haha!

cockles were so large and fresh and poached nicely…excellent with the chilli dips!

all the dishes were good! everyone especially liked the claypot rice, so tasty & flavourful…

& the ter kar and tanhoon prawns too…perfect texture and flavours…

chicken and fish head also good & delicious

& I can see the spinach was in short supply very quickly….

we had a really fun evening! wonderful get together and fellowship of old RI schoolmates & bros…

c.h.e.f andy


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